Alexa Adobe Campaign gets an update; introduces AI to email marketing campaigns
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Adobe Campaign gets an update; introduces AI to email marketing campaigns

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Adobe Campaign gets an update; introduces AI to email marketing campaigns

Adobe has released new features pertaining to its email marketing platform, the Adobe Campaign. The new features are targeted to help marketers act on insights, send multi-language email campaigns and access more design templates and are part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Most of the updated features are out and available already. These include better dashboards, new email templates, better support for multilingual campaigns. But some of the yet-to-come features are still in testing at Adobe Labs.

According to the officials at Adobe, the campaigns help marketers send contextual email and cross-channel marketing campaigns. The leverages of Adobe Sensei's artificial intelligence and machine learning have improved predictive capabilities.

AI for Marketing

From last year, Adobe has been working on bringing machine learning-powered features to virtually all of its products with its Sensei platform. Adobe Campaigns already allows its users to use machine intelligence to find the best subject lines for their emails and soon, it’ll also be able to suggest just the right image to show to the right person who opens a marketing email.

“We're heavily investing in advancements in email marketing," said Bridgette Darling, product marketing manager for Adobe Campaign.

Another predicting feature that Adobe released is a new tool for predicting customer churn based on how users engage with emails. But as everything that comes with machine learning, it is as good as the data the user feeds it. And since Adobe has a lot of data from its users, not just from Campaigns but also from Adobe Analytics and other services, it is capable of creating an impressive profile of a business’ user.

Adobe’s respondents in the U.S. said that they open 82 percent of work emails and 60 percent of personal emails. Adobe believes that the power of marketing through email is very strong, even though the target’s inbox may be overflowing or how annoyed he may be.

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