Alexa Advr: A new way to Advertise, from Google
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Advr: A new way to Advertise, from Google

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Advr: A new way to Advertise, from Google

Google has come up with a new way to advertise and it is simple called as Advr. It enables you with platforms to advertise in 3D or VR environment. This comes straight from Google’s Area 120, a platform set up to retain entrepreneurial-minded talent. Some of the other projects that were created in Area 120 are Uptime, Tailor, Grasshopper and more. Google hopes that Advr too can bring home a trophy.

Workings of Advr

The new venture is trying to experiment if advertising videos could function in a VR environment. If yes, then how. Generally, the developers aren’t keen in disruptive or difficult-implementation experiences in VR. And so, the team has come up with an idea for a simple cube. There is plug-in for Unity, which shows advertisements in VR. There are options for the users. They can either optionally engage with the cube by tapping on it or gazing at it for a few seconds after which the video will start playing. At this point, the user can choose to watch the ad or close it.

Google claims that advertising in VR may not necessarily work. Right now, it is a surfaced idea, which may bear fruits or simple vanish. Currently, it is aiming to get functionality across various VR platforms like Daydream, Cardborad, along with Samsung’s VR.

Of course, if one company brings out an innovation, it is soon to spread across other companies. Already Adobe is looking for further developments in the VR environment and others are soon to follow. It is still an early stage for Advr, but Google has quite some high expectations from it. It will soon run tests on some VR game developers. If things turn out well, Advr might have just opened a new dimension in digital marketing. 

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