Alexa Creators can Appeal on YouTube for Advertising
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Creators can Appeal on YouTube for Advertising

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Creators can Appeal on YouTube for Advertising

YouTube has been announcing series of new guidelines about which videos can make money through advertising. Some of these guidelines include a video required to have at least 10,000 views on the creator’s channel before making money through ads. And, of course, no hateful or incendiary content to make money on YouTube. The list goes on.

As a result of this, the creators began to complain that they had no idea which video was being demonetized and why. In order to ease this frustration, YouTube has rolled out new tools for creators to work with. This will help the creators on YouTube to understand which video will be flagged as inappropriate for all advertisers. This will also allow them to appeal to what they see as unjust advertising bans and hence restoring the monetary flow.

Icons to indicate Money

YouTube has announced that there will be a series of three icons displayed on each creator’s Video Manager. These icons will inform the creator what kind of business is available to make some money. Videos that have a green dollar sign indicates that they can make money from advertising and YouTube Red. Icon showing yellow dollar sign means that there’s limited money the creator can make from advertisers and YouTube Red. Some of the videos with yellow dollar sign could also mean that there won’t be ads at all. And lastly, a black dollar sign icon simply tells the creator that he won’t be making any money at all.

For all those creators who think that their videos aren’t making any money, even if they meet all the YouTube ad-friendly guidelines, the ability to appeal will be a powerful asset for them. In fact, YouTube has even acknowledged the task at hand. YouTube said in statement, “YouTube has always been a place for creators around the world to their stories, make connections and earn money. Creators have asked for a more detailed understanding of how well their individual videos are monetizing.”

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