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Healthy Family Project’s digital marketing team expands

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Healthy Family Project’s digital marketing team expands

Rebecca Waxman has joined the digital marketing team of Orlando, Florida-based marketing company, Healthy Family Project as social media manager.

Waxman will oversee the development of the Healthy Family Project's social media strategy under Tracy Shaw, senior manager of digital marketing. Waxman has eight years of expertise in social media marketing and a background in child and family studies when she joins the Healthy Family Project.

“The digital marketing space has exploded over the past three years,” said Trish James, vice president at Healthy Family Project. “We intend to keep up with our ever-growing audience demand and offer unrivaled support to our partners through our digital marketing team.”

Since joining Healthy Family Project two years ago, Shaw has been in charge of all digital marketing initiatives for the organization's brand, retail, and digital campaigns. Shaw's leadership has resulted in a 40% year-over-year rise in website views, a milestone of 1 million visits each year, and an increase in social media impressions to more than 12 million in 2022.

Shaw has been elevated to senior digital marketing manager in addition to Waxman's hiring, and Andrea Wiggins has been promoted to marketing coordinator.

Waxman and Shaw will collaborate to create and carry out the changing consumer digital strategy for Healthy Family Project. To create digital initiatives for retail promotions, Wiggins will collaborate with the business development director of the Healthy Family Project.

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