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Google Marketing Platform Gets New Tools

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Google Marketing Platform Gets New Tools

In these times of pandemic, your brand needs to be strong to get through the tough times. To help businesses improve their marketing, Google has released new tools to improve reach and forecasting capabilities, ad placements, and solutions for new engaged audiences on connected TV.

Google has improved its Display & Video 360 forecasting tool. It has added support for programmatic deals for this. The company has further said that people will be able to include “deals in your deduplicated reach estimate.” This will help the media planners who work with brands that connect with the TV viewers. Some important YouTube features are also being made available in Display & Video 360 including integration of YouTube TV into the list of YouTube content that people can reserve and manage. This can be accessed through streaming TV lineup. Access to Masthead ads are also now open for users.

The company has also extended the “similar audience functionality” to connected TV devices in Display & Video 360. Google said: “This feature allows you to find new connected TV viewers who share similarities with the audiences you already know.”

Google has also launched Unique Audience reporting which will help marketers get their reach measurement to include demographic insights. The company has also added Unique Reach support for connected TV devices to help brands understand the impact of their ads on connected TVs.

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