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LinkedIn steps into Ad tech; introduces LinkedIn Audience Network

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LinkedIn steps into Ad tech; introduces LinkedIn Audience Network

We are well aware of how Facebook has been able to generate revenue through advertisements. In the latest venture, LinkedIn is now hoping to step up its game and revenue with ads and ad tech. The Microsoft owned career-focused social network has introduced LinkedIn Audience Network.

The LinkedIn Audience Network is very similar to Facebook’s Audience Network. The network enables advertisers to buy inventory on a network of mobile sites and apps beyond LinkedIn. However, they will still be relying on LinkedIn’s demographic data, to broadcast their Sponsored Content. In LinkedIn’s term for updates posted by companies said that it can be reports or other links, which the companies pay to promote.

In the testing LAN, the company said that about 6,000 advertisers participated and they saw an increase in unique impressions ranging between 3% to 13%. So now, advertisers will be able to down performance reports that will provide insights on clicks, impressions, and also engagement. This will further allow marketers to compare network performance against ads run on LinkedIn properties.

"Advertiser ROI is incredibly important and we've invested heavily in providing robust reporting capabilities, so marketers can improve and understand the ROI of their campaigns," said Divye Raj Khilnani, product manager at LinkedIn.

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