Nestle Skin Health hand-picked VML London for digital marketing duties worldwide

nestle skin health picks vml

Nestlé Skin Health is a global leader focused on meeting the world’s increasing skin health needs with a broad range of innovative and scientifically-proven products.

Nestle’s subsidiary Nestle Skin Health hired VML London to run global digital marketing duties. VML said in a statement that the contract has no fixed time and the firm is highly responsible for leading, managing, strengthening Nestle Skin Health via worldwide campaigns by promoting it in TV, out-of-home, social and online.

The campaigns will be across many markets in Asia, US, and UK and the global work will be carried by the London office. The spokesperson of VML said Nestle Skin Health is making all efforts to create messaging that will engage consumers emotionally without leaving their brands behind and the company wants to grow in a competitive space.

 “This led to the decision to explore potential partners that truly understood the consumer marketing communications space, with digital being a particular area of focus,” she said.

Spokesperson asserted that VML had a special offering of creative and depth of digital expertise and also has closely associated network of offices globally. VML’s Europe CEO, Jon Sharpe affirmed the appointment but hasn’t revealed more than that.