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Noble Studios arranged free workshop for Nonprofits

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Noble Studios arranged free workshop for Nonprofits

Noble Studios, a digital marketing agency specializing in web, mobile and social media is working since 2003. It organized a free digital marketing workshop in The Discovery Museum, Collaboratory Room on October 18.

The purpose behind this

Noble Studios is ardent about making a lasting impact on nonprofits in northern Nevada. This agency created Noble Deeds program in which the team will donate hundreds of hours of pro bono digital services to northern Nevada nonprofits each year.

Season Lopiccolo Founder and COO of Noble Studios said “We wanted to help a larger number of these fantastic organizations that we can personally work with through an educational forum.”

The workshop was conducted for half day which aimed at nonprofits looking to be more successful in their digital marketing efforts.

What happened in the workshop?

The workshop delved into the usage of multiple tools to make a website more appealing and effective, they were educated on how to reach target audience, and also how to optimize websites and blogs for search.

Importantly, the workshop explained about Google Ad Grants and how they can apply to start receiving thousands of dollars in free Google Advertising dollars.

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