Oldtown co-opt Happy Marketer for the third time as digital agency

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Oldtown co-opt Happy Marketer for the third time as digital agency

Happy Marketer is nominated by Oldtown White as its digital agency for third successive term. Happy Marketers responsibility is to manage both strategy and management across the brand’s key social media  platforms not only this, they will also be working with the brand to start its Singapore website and enhance performance marketing efforts. Happy Marketer is an award-winning  digital marketing agency headquartered in Singapore.

Madeline Tay, head of marketing efforts for Oldtown white Coffee in Singapore said that Oldtown chose Happy Marketer for consistently implementing new ideas to meet their social and digital needs.

“Over the last two terms we have established a strong understanding of the brand priorities and working relationship with Oldtown Coffee,” Prantik Mazumdar, managing partner at Happy Marketer said.

Mazumdar added that it wants to concentrate on improving digital assets and aid them in capturing customer data  via gamification and influencer campaigns which can help F&B chain nourish its position in the market.

Over the last two terms there has been a strong understanding of both the brands and also there has been a great coordination amongst the two companies.

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