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Queens Hotel is atypical in using digital strategies for promotion

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Queens Hotel is atypical in using digital strategies for promotion

Queens hotel situated in New Westminister’s Queensborough used all the possible digital marketing strategies for its promotion. 

Queens Hotel owner Wallie Sohl said, “We’ve advertised in the local newspaper and we’ve done some direct marketing flyers to homes and businesses – about 9,000 pieces.”

This restaurant has a history of 59 years and it has transformed a lot from its inception till date. The hotel owner targets customers like business travelers, workers at adjacent businesses, relatives of nearby residents’ etcetera.

Sohl also plans to buy advertising on Facebook to promote about its offerings like packages of a night’s stay, tickets for concerts.

Sohl said that Facebook is the best promotional tool that can be utilized for its success and Instagram, which is part of the Facebook network, can follow similar targeting on the Instagram platform.

Hotwire brand which was created by Expedia Inc helps in last-minute stays which is available solely for US based hotels. One of them suggested him to advertise on an application like Hotwire. Sohl mentions that he was happy with Expedia’s service. In weeks of checking out Queens Hotel, Expedia’s representative promoted the hotel on the online travel platforms including,, Orbitz and Travelocity.

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