Retro Digital will educate you on benefits of digital marketing and localization

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Retro Digital is comprised of multilingual digital marketing experts who will help you conquer what you are aiming for and the company covers Dublin to Delhi. Retro Digital is overjoyed to celebrate its first birthday and so it associated with marketing professionals globally to bring out an event that bridges gap between localization and digital marketing. The conference will be conducted at one of Dublin’s dazzling and historic venues on May 18th, 2018.

“As an SME, we see this conference as the perfect way to kick-start our international growth plans. Making the move abroad is rather daunting as it’s something we’ve never done before,” says Dáire Fitzpatrick  – Managing Director, CreatiVue (UK)

In contemporary digital world, translation is insufficient. And from a marketing perspective, English-speaking marketing doesn’t cut it anymore, either. If you’re looking to grow in any new market, you’ll only be able to succeed by combining the crucial pillars of localization with the latest digital marketing trends.

Anna Danskaya, Project Manager Operations, Veeam Software  says that it is a pleasure attending the event and to sit in the first row when it comes to mixing language, marketing and solid experience with new ideas, creativity and the courage to do it in a different way.