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Advertisements are part of Snapchat's new partners

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Advertisements are part of Snapchat's new partners

Snapchat has something new in mind. It wants its advertisements to open something new and interesting, rather than a boring mobile website! And so, Snapchat had added 14 companies as its partners. With this, Snapchat aims to justify its value to marketers.

Snapchat had previously launched the Creative Partner Program. But now, instead of focusing on building better visuals for ‘Top Snap’ ads, the new Creative Partners will enhance the post-swipe-up experience on ads that load in Snapchat’s internal browser. This comes with an aim to help brands and advertisers drive ROI when a user swipes up on vertical ads.

The new creative partners will help in building custom games, interactive videos, gyroscope-powered experiences, lead generation campaigns, and pre-loaded Instant Apps as a destination for Snapchat ads. If Snapchat can successfully make the post-swipe experience more enjoyable, it could make the users click on more ads instead of simply scrolling past them.

In fact, this is already that the company has been experimenting. For instance, with the gaming process and interactive experiences, including the recent unveiling of an exclusive Adidas game last week that allowed viewers to partake in a competitive touch-screen kick-up tournament. 

The new list of partners include Famous, Adludio, Jebbit, Ceros, Undertone, Whalar, Flyr, Wirewax, Entrypoint, TreSensa, GameCommerce, CrossInstall, Popwallet, and Slyce.


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