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The association of IBM and MediaMath will take digital marketing to the next level

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The association of IBM and MediaMath will take digital marketing to the next level

IBM and MediaMath partner to boost cognitive bidding and create futuristic infrastructure. This development would give marketers neutral environment and capacity to maintain their own data on cloud.

MediaMath Chief Marketing Officer Joanna O’Connell was quoted in an earlier interview as saying, “It’s about bringing the power of Watson AI into the bidding process, essentially creating real, cognitive bidding in an advertising environment.”

There have been inventions done within digital marketing sphere to deliver only those ads to people that won’t disturb or annoy them. This new partnership between IBM (Watson) and MediaMath will help bridge this gap further.

Why have the two companies associated?

The two companies have expressed joint interest in creating evolutionary steps together. These steps would include:

  • Developing an infrastructure that will connect brands and consumers in an enterprise-class way
  • Infuse AI in such a way so as to positively influence real-time decisions
  • Turning the end-user experience into a more entertaining, informative and meaningful all-round interaction

This partnership will take digital marketing to a whole new level.

How will the marketers benefit from this partnership?

  • Better connect between martech and adtech 
  • Drive enhanced customer experiences
  • Optimized running and planning of campaigns


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