Alexa Dragontail Systems is avant-garde with foodservice industry
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Dragontail Systems is avant-garde with foodservice industry

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Dragontail Systems is avant-garde with foodservice industry

KFC Philippines is all set to roll out its ‘Algo’ platform across 230 stores. Food preparation techniques have refashioned as there is increased inclination towards pizza, and fast foods. Fast food and pizza vendors are the core income generators like Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), according to foodservice industry enabler Dragontail Systems.

Dragontail Systems delivers software solution that provides optimal management of deliveries for fast food chains. After Salvatoré pizza restaurant accepted to install its proprietary Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) and Algo system across its chain of restaurants, the ASX-listed company signed its second full-service installation.

Dragontail technologies include sensors and cameras that automatically supervise the preparation and cooking process to enhance the quality and consistency of meals. Dragontail also explains that its technology has the capacity to shape up the whole production process from order till the delivery at customers house.

Salvatoré runs 12 pizza restaurants in Quebec, Canada and another opening in August 2018. The owner of this outlet agreed to install Dragontail systems in its outlets everywhere and has promised that it will be made mandatory in all the upcoming outlets hereafter.

“I am delighted to have signed our second full-service technology solution agreement in North America within the space of one week. Our passion is to provide Quick Service Restaurant and other foodservice operators with revolutionary technologies,” said Mr Ido Levanon, managing director of Dragontail Systems.

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