Alexa Scientists develop a new AI breast cancer diagnostic tool
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Scientists develop a new AI breast cancer diagnostic tool


Scientists develop a new AI breast cancer diagnostic tool

Researchers from Lancaster University and Airedale NHS Foundation Trust have developed a specialized chemical analytical technique using Raman Spectroscopy on biopsies to detect the molecular structure of different types and stages of breast cancer. This technique is also used to study the variations with each cancer cell group.

This technique will also be using Artificial Intelligence software to identify chemical ‘fingerprints’ of different types of breast cancers. It will also create a new tool for the rapid and precise diagnosis of breast cancers. Scientists are also utilizing Raman analysis, which will enable them to provide real-time information on the cancer cells and the behavior of each and every cancer cell type, how they are spreading and emerging elsewhere in the body.

Professor Ihtesham Rehman, Chair in Bioengineering at Lancaster University and senior author of the study, said: "This research is an important step in developing a new way to identify the chemical structures of different types of breast cancers. We have been able to use these 'fingerprints' to develop complex algorithms that are accurately able to identify cells of four different types of cancer types.”

This technique which combines vibrational spectroscopy combined with data mining and machine learning will potentially offer real-time analysis of biological samples with great accuracy. It will also help to create a powerful tool to sit along existing techniques and will help medical professionals to deliver an accurate and timely diagnosis for cancer patients.

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