Alexa AI tools that detect wrist fractures get FDA approval
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AI tools that detect wrist fractures get FDA approval


AI tools that detect wrist fractures get FDA approval

Medical technology powered by artificial intelligence is making headlines as FDA is granting approvals. The latest tech to get approval is a new AI tool that can detect wrist fractures. Developed by Imagen, the AI tool is called OsteoDetect and can quickly detect distal radius wrist fractures.

The tool is equipped with machine learning algorithm that has the capability to study 2 D X-rays for any signs of fractures. The tool then marks the affected area for a closer and better analysis. But worry not, the tool will not be replacing doctors and clinicians. The FDA has stressed that the tool is going to help the medical practitioners with an improved detection to make the treatment process faster.

Also, it’ll still be a while for you to see the OsteoDetect at the doctor’s clinic. The approval from the FDA came relatively quickly after using the De Novo premarket review pathway. This streamlines the process for products with “low to moderate risk.”

This clearly proves that AI is making speedy headway in healthcare. Official statements from FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb say that the administrative team was collaborating with experts on a “new regulatory framework.” With the government body keep pace with the advancing technology, AI-powered healthcare tools will soon be available everywhere.

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