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Healthcare and AI blend into the Headspace meditation app


Healthcare and AI blend into the Headspace meditation app

Healthcare is innovating at every turn possible. Here comes a meditation app that perfectly imbibes AI to stand out from the crowd. Headspace, with nearly 31 million users, has acquired Alpine.AI and is making headway by infusing voice and AI technology. Alpine.AI is famous for its contribution towards the development of digital assistants.

The healthcare company saw the potential of AI and what voice applications could do. Moreover, with Alpine.AI, Headspace is assured to embark on an advanced journey in meditation. “…The ability to react to where you are in your journey with specific advice through voice applications will be [far ahead] of where our competitors are,” says Paddy Hannon, the new CTO of Headspace.

There’s also a reason why Headspace is primarily concentrating on the audio interface. That’s because the co-founder (who is a former Tibetan monk) believes that users can meditate better when they’re guided through the sessions by a strong, but calm, soothing voice.

So, with Alpine.AI, Headspace plans to implement the AI technology to people in an interactive voice-based way. For example, a user may tell the app that he’s feeling low or stressed out. And the Headspace app would give the right and appropriate recommendations, things to do, etc. based on the user’s history.

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