Amazon is Expanding Its Amazon Care Service across the US


Amazon is Expanding Its Amazon Care Service across the US

Amazon Care has existed for Amazon’s employees in Washington State for 18 months now. Through the telehealth service, Amazon employees can seek consultation via text or video chat. The service also allowed doctor visits in select cases. This service is now being expanded across the US for all its employees. Amazon plans to expand the service to other companies too.

This summer, Amazon is going to expand Amazon Care for all its employees across the US. Later this year, the conglomerate is expected to roll out the service to all its employees across the globe.

The services in Amazon Care include mobile care visits, prescription delivery, in-person care, video care, and in-app text chat with physicians. The service enables employees to get access to a medical professional via chat or video, typically within a minute’s time.

Looking ahead, the company will aim at the employer market and roll out its Amazon Care service to other organizations. This move comes two months after Amazon concluded Haven, its healthcare move in collaboration with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan. The launch of the service for employers across the US is bound to be a big success,  especially taking into context the recent times that saw a huge emphasis on telehealth services.

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