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Diabetes monitors come to Apple stores


Diabetes monitors come to Apple stores

Apple has always had its interest in healthcare and it’s been evident in Apple Watches. Even when Apple bought an asthma monitoring startup, the company was always keenly interested in health gadgets. Now, Apple is taking another step in health monitoring devices with a new diabetes tracking product.

Apple is now selling One Drop’s blood glucose monitor to track diabetes. The gadget isn’t a continuous monitor, meaning you’ll need to lance yourself. The device has Bluetooth connectivity that links with your iPhone and Apple Watch. 

The advantage here is that you can track your blood sugar levels with Apple devices you’re using already. The monitoring gadget is priced at $70. One Drop has also included a year’s worth of coaching from a diabetes educator with the gadget.

Although it isn’t directly linked to Apple’s other software related to health, it still shows Apple’s interest in healthcare. What Apple stocks up in its stores often reflects its prime interests; be it smart home products or other health-related gadgets. With the latest diabetes monitoring tool, Apple is once again prioritizing health gadgets connected to your iPhone and other Apple tools.

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