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An IT expert in health depicts why Artificial intelligence is a must in healthcare


An IT expert in health depicts why Artificial intelligence is a must in healthcare

Many healthcare organizations are using AI (Artificial intelligence) but there are also many healthcare firms which lacks AI’s assistance. According to Brian Kalis, managing director of digital health at Accenture, a business management consulting firm based in Boston, Modes of automation or artificial intelligence (AI) have been used by organizations for years. The concept goes back to the 1950s.

Kalis added “What's different now is we have this convergence of different technologies all coming together to make all those things real. The combination of cloud computing, the fact that business processes through [robotic process automation] RPA have increasingly been digitized and now we're getting information from them that we would now use to actually generate insights."

Why Kalis feels AI is crucial in healthcare organizations?

Brian Kalis says that What we're seeing with health clients, health systems and health services is really the move into that next generation robotic process automation from security scraping to how do you actually look across legacy systems?.

Adding workforce intelligence is a big component to them figuring out 'Well, how do we do that?' Trailing that ... we've started to use intelligent virtual agents that actually become the voice of your brand and start to interact with your customers. Very early stage with health clients and health systems. We're starting to see some of the early stages of verification. Of how do we interact or create an interaction? ... A lot of the activities of I'd say sales and marketing and services and on the back end in operations on the clinical side and on the operational aspects is still in the early stage in terms of its evolution, which makes sense because you don't want to get a clinical decision wrong.

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