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Google absorbs DeepMind's health team


Google absorbs DeepMind's health team

DeepMind’s AI research and mobile tools has worked on a few of the most important problems in healthcare. But now, DeepMind’s health division is joining Google. This means that the company’s health arm will be now completely absorbed by Google Health.

Google bought DeepMind for $500 million in 2016. DeepMind has continued its splendid work since then but with this move, its parent company is making its healthcare ambitions clear to the world. The move was announced by Google Health’s Clinical Lead, Dominic King, in a blog post.

With Google Health’s backing, DeepMind will now be able to use the global expertise in the fields of app development, cloud, data security, and design to build state-of-the-art products to care and patient outcomes.

King wrote in his post: “I know DeepMind is proud of our healthcare work to date. With the expertise and reach of Google behind us, we’ll now be able to develop tools and technology capable of helping millions of patients around the world.”

Some of DeepMind’s work has shown great promise. For example, the company’s mobile medical assistant is helping many patients and the clinicians caring for them. The company will continue to work with its partners to improve healthcare for millions around the world.

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