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FDA piloting a new project to improve drug supply chain


FDA piloting a new project to improve drug supply chain

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has flagged off a new project through which it intends to encourage the use of new and innovative technologies to track the drugs in the supply chain. The project is aimed at improving the safety and security of the drug supply chain in the U.S.

FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb in a statement said: “We're giving industry an opportunity to test new technologies that can help spur greater accountability for participants in the supply chain and improve our ability to trace prescription drugs at every point in the distribution chain”.

Through the project, the FDA is inviting companies to join the voluntary program to ensure greater accountability of the nation’s drug supply chain. Although the federal healthcare agency has not been specific about the direction it will be taking to ensure the same, it has hinted that blockchain may be one of the technologies that will be encouraged. The move by the FDA is being regarded in good stead as the country is in need of reforms considering the huge problem of counterfeit drugs and illegal drug supply.

The FDA Commissioner further announced that the agency had taken on Frank Yiannas (an expert in traceability technologies in food supply chain) to help in the expansion of methods which will help the U.S food supply too.

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