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Google is now in the skin game, you can breathe easy!


Google is now in the skin game, you can breathe easy!

Google every year witnesses around 10 billion searches concerning skin, nail and hair problems. There are many people puzzled to get solution for dermatological issues. It’s a sigh a relief to many because Google atthe recently held I/O summitmade it public about their new venture into healthcare.

The innovation is an AI-powered tool that aids people recognize conditions related to skin, hair and nails. Google also unveiled another AI-backed healthcare initiative: research that could turn into an AI-powered screening tool for tuberculosis. 

At the start of the year, Google partnered with Northwestern Medicine to learn the opportunities of AI models to minimize the time between breast cancer development and diagnosis. Upon launching the device, users would have to take three pictures of their concern from different angles. The AI tool will then ask questions about skin type, how long the issue in question has bothered the user and other symptoms that the user may be experiencing—to filter out the algorithm.

The biggest benefit of the AI model is it can identify 288 conditions by analyzing skin type, sex, and race. The system builds upon Google Health’s past work on using AI tools to identify skin conditions. Google first published its study on the topic last year in Nature Medicine, which showed how the tool could identify 26 common skin conditions just as accurately as dermatologists and perhaps more accurately than primary care physicians.

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