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Verily's screening website to conduct test for COVID-19


Verily's screening website to conduct test for COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak has profoundly affected all the countries across the world with a visible impact on everything from health to business. With a few countries being hit hard in particular, the number of infected cases and the death toll is on a rise worldwide.

Verily has highlighted the launch of a coronavirus dedicated screening website. Verily, Google’s sister company has launched a screening website for people who want to get tested for COVID-19.

However, as of now, the website has very limited access and scope. It is only available to people in the Bay Area of California and is considered more of a pilot program than public health utility. It’s even more limited as it allows only people who are 18 years of age or above, can speak English and are a US resident to take the test.

The first question that’s being asked when a person lands on the website is, “Are you currently experiencing severe cough, shortness of breath, fever, or other concerning symptoms?” If the answer is “yes”, the user is suggested to seek medical attention and that the program is not the “right fit”. And if the answer is “no,” then the person is asked to sign in with a Google account and sign an Informed Consent Authorization Form which says that their data may be shared with public health officials.

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