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Audio Technica's M50x headphones go wireless


Audio Technica's M50x headphones go wireless

The M50x headphones from Audio Technica were among the most popular released back then. With the trend moving to wireless headphones and mobile devices completely eliminating the headphone jack, companies are innovating with new and improved listening devices.

It looks like Audio Technica is on a roll as it recently launched a pair of earbuds and now the revamped headphones called the M50xBT as it is enabled with Bluetooth. This new audio device is completely wireless and is priced for $199. You can expect the same audio quality, clarity and wide frequency that you’ve experienced in M50x. With a closed-back design, the M50xBT comes with the magnets and voice coils.

Continuing our comparison with the M50x, the design is quite similar. 90-degree swiveling ear-cups that makes it easy to store and carry contribute to its awesomeness. The M50xBT is enabled with Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX and AAC that enhances sound quality and makes it accessible to control volume, music, and phone calls as well. However, what makes this a present-day IoT device is its controls to activate Siri or Google Assistant when you demand it. 

But there are a couple of drawbacks. There’s no active noise cancellation, which is something that’s coming to all the devices now. Also, you’ll need to charge the headphones with a micro USB jack. That’s right, there’s no USB-C charging point as Audio Technica believes it would increase the price of the headphones. The headphones are out and available for those interested.

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