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Ecobee contact sensor rivals Amazon Ring and Google Nest


Ecobee contact sensor rivals Amazon Ring and Google Nest

In the current market, Ecobee makes some of the best smart thermostats. But just like every other company today, Ecobee is looking to mark a bigger presence in the home IoT market. It’s been discovered that the company is dedicatedly working on home cameras and contact sensors. From the looks of it, Ecobee could be the upcoming rival for giants like Amazon Ring and Google Nest.

That’s because when a company channels its resources for contact sensors, it means it’s building on a larger smart home ecosystem. It could be home systems with motion sensors that could trigger lights, alarm or even set the temperature depending on who’s coming in. For instance, the contact sensor understands that the door is open when it loses contact with the other half.

Sensing something here

However, for a contact sensor, it needs to talk with other systems to trigger them. But right now, Ecobee isn’t selling many other home devices for the sensor to communicate with. On the other hand, these are leaked images and could prove nothing. Maybe Ecobee is working on a standalone device to work seamlessly with other home devices in the market. We don’t know yet.

With a good contact sensor, you can build an entire hub of home security- just like Amazon Ring and Google Nest have brought out. Hopefully, we might get to know the real idea behind these sensors soon enough.

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