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Microsoft's GLAS smart thermostat responds to Alexa and Google Assistant


Microsoft's GLAS smart thermostat responds to Alexa and Google Assistant

The first smart thermostat from Microsoft, GLAS, powered by Johnson Controls, is now available to order for $319. The very first thermostat to feature Cortana integration is a sleek design with a touchscreen that lets you adjust the temperature of various rooms at your home.

GLAS instills the Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT Core OS and isn’t the only smart home appliance that will use Cortana, but also other devices such as refrigerators, toasters and more, announces Microsoft.

The Cortana-enabled device will also work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, thus making it available to the non-Cortana users as well. To say the other way, you can use an Echo or a Google Home product to help operate the thermostat with just your voice.

Microsoft’s new thermostat is an energy saver, just like Nest. It senses the environment and makes adjustments accordingly. The device will also keep you updated with calendar notifications, and assesses air quality. The intelligent device will not just autonomously control the temperature but also knows to turn on a fan or other ventilation systems if the air quality is uncomfortably low or dangerous.

The thermostat’s display is an attractive 6-inch translucent OLED touchscreen. The Wi-Fi enabled monitors air quality and automatically adjusts device settings when connected to the internet. The extremely user-friendly device, which helps create a comfortable home environment, is now available online at and Johnson Controls’ exclusive website for GLAS.

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