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Samsung Neon: An early look into its “artificial human” project


Samsung Neon: An early look into its “artificial human” project

Everyone in the tech world is talking about a booth at CES 2020; a company called Neon funded by Samsung is catching everyone’s attention.

A recent tweet from the company’s project lead revealed some videos and images and Neon has already tweeted several times since its launch in December about “bringing science fiction to reality”. Paranav Mistry, a computer-human interaction researcher said the company’s “Core R3” technology can now autonomously create new expressions, movements, and dialogues (even in Hindi) different from the originally captured data.

But the key question here is that: to what degree are these avatars computer-generated? And how good can these avatars be at talking and emoting like humans? In a recent interview Mistry revealed that he thinks “digital humans” will soon be a major technology in the 2020s.

Samsung has been working for almost two years and has spent around $22 billion on AI and said to employ around 1,000 AI specialists. It has also opened several AI centers around the globe to make its devices smarter.

Several tech giants like Google and Amazon are also continuously making an effort in making smart devices more useful with the help of artificial intelligence, especially in the form of voice assistants. This is because assistants are considered to be the future of how humans will interact with gadgets (IoT).

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