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Samsung announces the release of the Exynos iT 100


Samsung announces the release of the Exynos iT 100

Samsung Electronics introduced ‘the Exynos iT 100’. This IoT solution is designed in such a way that close range communications are secure and reliable enough.

The Exynos iT 100 together with previously released devices Exynos i T200 for Wi-Fi and Exynos i S111 for long-range narrow-band (NB) communications can help companies get more scope of connectivity for current IoT devices.

The Exynos i T100 has 28-nanometer process technology that can help close range IoT devices connect irrespective of places, either be home or work. This device is applicable to home security and monitoring, temperature control, fire and gas detectors, wearables, fitness.

Ben Hur, senior vice president of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics quotes, “Low-power short-range IoT solutions that connect various products in our homes or buildings can make our lives easier and safer.”

Ben Hur further added that this device can benefit from extending connections with the help of multitude communication protocols together with security.

Devices related to IoT should be reliable and shield the users from hacking. The Exynos i T100 can be best suitable for this need because it has a separate Security Sub-System (SSS) hardware block for data encryption and a Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) that creates a unique identity for each chipset. 

This IoT solution can work under maximum temperatures as low as -40°C and up to 125°C.

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