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Wearable technology can be a reason for the longevity


Wearable technology can be a reason for the longevity

A recent study which was published in Aging said that wearable devices produce data that can in a way help people and physicians keep an eye on aging and diseases that might occur in the future.

Some researchers from Gero and Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer concluded in their research that wearable devices are cheap, easy to use and are helpful in bringing health on track.

A researcher named Fedichev and his team trained an artificial intelligence algorithm to measure a person’s biological age.

The team analyzed the relationships between physical activities and fatal risks, morbidity, and weakness. Artificial intelligence studied the human physical activity records from National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and UK Biobank databases which were over 107,000 in number. Records from 2003-2006 were studied to find the results.

People who are much into smoking will have reduced physical activity along with the high risk of developing a disease. As a result, a smoker’s biological age will elevate. Wearable technology will measure them.

This technology helps in detecting biological age in a most cost-saving way and without any intervention in their life.

 “Consider this a first step,” Fedichev said. “If you can measure something you can test future interventions and then make more informed decisions about lifestyles.”

Fedichev said that this IoT technology (wearable devices) can be of great help in determining people’s health and make changes in their lifestyles. Thus, by extending their life span.

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