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Access Alexa on Anki's Vector robots

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Access Alexa on Anki's Vector robots

Remember the movie Wall-E and the cute little robot in that? Anki’s Vector is a close relation to that. Today, there are a plenty of robotics toys in the market, but the Vector captures the eye with not just looks, its smartness too. That’s right; Amazon’s Alexa is now a part of Vector.

Integrating Alexa was one of the top requests that the CEO and co-founder Boris Sofman was constantly flooded with. Back when Vector was announced, Sofman had said that integration of the voice assistant was still in the early stages of development.

While Vector is an adorable and cute-looking robot, looks alone aren’t enough, admitted Sofman. And this is why Vector is undergoing its evolution. Anki has promised to keep upgrading Vector. This means that the Anki you bought earlier this year will already be historic in another couple of years, the company said.

The Alexa update is expected to be released by the end of the year. While preorders are already available, the Anki Vectors will officially be released to the stores in a few days for $250. Apart from the Alexa capabilities, Vector can also monitor homes, help with pet detection, act as a 360-degree camera, deliver messages, and play music for you. That makes Vector a nearly complete IoT home device.

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