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AI startup AnyVision is all about Body and Facial Recognition

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AI startup AnyVision is all about Body and Facial Recognition

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are leading the forefront of many ground-breaking innovations. More and more public and private parties are interested to apply image and facial recognition for intelligent surveillance systems today. With AI as its forefront, Tel Aviv-based startup AnyVision is accelerating its innovation in face, body and object recognition.

AnyVision’s underlying system infrastructure uses intelligent recognition that promises to help clients and organizations to deploy surveillance like smart cameras for any purpose. The best part is that the technology developed by AnyVision works on almost any sort of camera, eliminating the need for sophisticated sensors to operate.

Better Tomorrow

The startup said that it’s been working on diverse verticals with more products coming out. However, so far, its star product has been “Better Tomorrow” which has a special emphasis on security. Another product called the “FaceKey” comes with an emphasis on facial recognition technology for various verification purposes.

Interestingly, the startup just announced its Series A funding. The funding was closed with a $28 million led by Bosch. AnyVision already has 130 employees and sees the future opening up to at least three new offices by the end of the year.

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