Alexa Audi teams up with Huawei for autonomous cars
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Audi teams up with Huawei for autonomous cars

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Audi teams up with Huawei for autonomous cars

In a new team-up between tech giants, here’s Audi joining hands with Huawei to develop self-driving cars in China. When it comes to autonomous cars, the Society of Automotive Engineers has defined various levels. Now, Audi and Huawei are aiming to develop Level 4 technology, which according to the Society is the car that can completely drive on its own from start to finish. The two companies haven’t disclosed details and terms of the deal yet.

Earlier this year, at the Huawei annual event Connect 2018 conference, the company showed off an Audi Q7 that was connected with its Mobile Data Center (MDC). Sources cite that the MDC actually consists of AI chips, cameras, LIDAR, a central CPU, and is positioned on top of the car. The partnership will also improve vehicle-to-vehicle communications and other connected car solutions.

On the other hand, Audi has supposedly been working with Huawei in China since the previous month. The automobile manufacturer plans on opening an autonomous vehicle development center in the following year. Audi has also been developing technology in Europe that allows drivers to take their eyes and hands off the wheels, while the car takes over completely in Traffic Jam Pilot.

When it comes to the Chinese government and building autonomous vehicles, they have been quite cautious and strictly controlling the permits to test the cars. Recently, other manufacturers like Tesla, BMW, and now Audi are teaming up with Chinese companies to improve self-driving cars.

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