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BurgerFi gives all credits to ‘facial recognition technology'

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BurgerFi gives all credits to ‘facial recognition technology'

Which customer does not like to be recognized? When you go to your favorite restaurant, say for more than once, you expect to be “recognized” and delivered food on time.

Mariah Kulkin, a company marketing representative said, "Who doesn't love the convenience of walking into their favourite restaurant, where they're recognised immediately and asked if they want the usual?"

Looks like there is an app for that. We usually witnessed facial recognition apps for law enforcement and border security uses, but it is exciting to know that they are gradually entering shopping and dining spaces; aiding firms identify their regular customers and customize customer service going through their history.

Touchscreen ordering kiosks with facial recognition is installed in BurgerFi, an American fast casual restaurant chain at approximately 22 of 108 locations which covers Boca Raton, Doral, Jupiter, Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach.

The firm is convinced with its operation in terms of speeding up orders. We will tell you how this application functions:

If you visited here for the first time then you are asked to ‘place order’. Later, it prompts, ‘Do you want to save for future use?’ afterward, it requests you to save your phone number, your facial recognition or credit card information.

The next time you visit, the kiosk will display your previous order with facial recognition. If you opt to use stored credit card you can go ahead, and this process will hardly take 10 seconds.





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