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Google search now reveals key moments in video

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Google search now reveals key moments in video

Google continues to be the source where information is readily available and the company has strived to optimize information as much as possible.

From now on, Google will highlight the key moments in a video with the help of time stamps provided by the creators. It is especially useful in cases where videos are longer and the user has to watch the entire video to extract a single major point out of it.

In the case of websites, the process of pointing out specific information is quite easy for Google as it contains textual information which can be skimmed into quick info cards. These results are useful as they jump right to the answer that the user is looking for and the need to visit and read the whole website is avoided.

For this process to work, the video content creators are asked to mark up their video with bookmarks for particular segments that they wish to highlight. Google has extended this idea not just to YouTubers but also to video publishing sites like CBS Sports and NDTV.

The new mechanism will give the creators a chance to highlight their work on Google Search but the IT giant hasn’t clarified whether this bookmarking feature will influence the video ranking on its search results.

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