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We Simplify Information Technology To Empower Our Customers: 1+1 Technology

We Simplify Information Technology To Empower Our Customers: 1+1 Technology

Founded in 2015, 1+1 Technology is a leading IT managed services provider that supports clients with world-class local service, helpdesk support, and implementation of industry-leading IT, cloud and security solutions. With clients that include Arrow Sign Company, Tri-County Insulation, and McKinley Financial Group, 1+1 Technology offers simplified, comprehensive, and advanced solutions for any business. 1+1 Technology is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with a second office in Pleasanton, CA.

1+1 Technology was founded to create a way for small and medium sized businesses to benefit from the same technology and support that global companies with large IT departments enjoy.

Having served in the world’s most demanding computing environments for years, 1+1 Technology is the IT engineers and experts at developing IT solutions for clients. This includes design, configuration, deployment, and support of high-performance computing (HPC) and big data clusters, using artificial intelligence (AI).

Through late 2019, 1+1 Technology was heavily involved in both IT service and cabling operations, using shared resources. To better serve their clients, the founders then decided to separate cabling into a separate entity. This shift has allowed the 1+1 Technology team to be laser-focused on improving IT support and services processes.

The resulting 1+1 Technology suite of simplified IT packages allows their clients increased ease of access to support, services, and solutions, while integrating a much-needed infrastructure security layer.

1+1 Technology packages are built with the idea of “Keeping IT Simple.” Depending on your specific needs, you can get what you want, when you want it.

1+1 Technology Premium IT Consultation Services

Optimize your network with expert IT consultant assistance from 1+1 Technology. When you engage with 1+1 Technology’s consultants, they will be there with you as an extension of your team. 1+1 listens and probes to discover your most critical areas of need or take your precise direction and focus on what matters most to deliver the technical advancements you require. After assessing your technology and business environments, they draft a strategic approach that may include the implementation of new technologies. They also advise you on and create the logical system designs and collaborative plans for implementation, including any needed support for your infrastructure today and into the future.

What 1+1 Technology Means by Advanced

1+1 implements the highest level of technology systems and processes to deliver next-level IT services. Their solutions are among the most efficient and their team the most expert and fastest paced of all IT providers working in the world today.

How 1+1 Technology Define Premier

There are no corners cut by 1+1 Technology or 1+1 workflows. From every email to every piece of documentation, they are constantly reviewing and making improvements that benefit their customers. 1+1 hold themselves to the highest level of standards and accountability so that their solutions field the highest level of results. 1+1 Technology is the definition of premier IT service.

Your IT Solution Provider

Every organization on the planet today faces technological challenges. 1+1 Technology will seek the best answer to any complex technology question that their customers present. Their goal is to take customer technology to the next level for unequalled customer satisfaction. They work hard to become, and remain, your IT solution provider.

Technical Support

With unlimited remote support and essential security, 1+1 technical support services help businesses to maximize uptime. They provide the remote monitoring and remote access capabilities to keep your critical business systems running through regular operations and potentially catastrophic failures. The company’s technical support packages give you a range of options and can include remote help desk, on-site support, and more. They are here to help with potential issues and can configure and update your hardware and software, as well as fix any issues related to your technology and equipment that may arise on a daily basis.

Operations Services

1+1 Technology is here to help manage your day-to-day systems, desktop, infrastructure, network, and security operations. They support your systems administration, security, performance monitoring, technical diagnostics and troubleshooting, configuration management, system repair and management, and provide detailed regular reporting on a schedule that meets the needs of your business. They also ensure business continuity and manage your technology assets.

Deployment Services

With minimal disruptions to your users, 1+1 Technology will guide the rollout of any new software applications, hardware, virtual machines, or infrastructure. Whether you are migrating your users to new personal computers for use in their homes or your office, or adding new data center equipment, 1+1 will quickly deploy correctly the first time. They can also assist you with procurement of your hardware or software, configure it for your business needs, and provide any necessary staging, installation, and interoperability testing, as well as lifecycle management.

Quality Cloud Solutions

Make The Switch To Cloud Solutions With 1+1 Technology. For organizations eager to improve collaboration and secure data accessibility in the office and remotely, cloud solutions make great sense. 1+1 Technology will evaluate your needs and help you to select and implement the best long-term and cost-efficient solutions. By adopting cloud-based technology, you will transform your business into a more efficient, productive, secure, and collaborative organization with potential for exponential growth.

Quality IT Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise organizations may require a deeper analysis of the causes and extent of technology challenges. With 1+1 Technology by your side for planning and implementation, you’ll have reduced complexity and the ability to make smoother transitions to new solutions. They will also help you to address the impacts of change on your organization so that your team has a chance to recognize the need for and embrace new technology.

SMB IT Solutions

Technology can be leveraged by mid-sized to smaller businesses to help improve workflows and streamline processes. Instead of continuing to face technical issues with frustration, let 1+1 Technology support your team. They will assist you in identifying and solving issues and can also guide any new technology purchases. They are also skilled at helping our SMB customers to implement the solutions that will provide the most business efficiencies and benefits.

Meet Joe Tinker, President and CEO

Joe Tinker is a United States Marine Corps Veteran who served in two overseas deployments from 2004-2008, including a tour to Iraq in 2005.

Upon completion of his military service, Joe was hired as Global Security Operator at Cisco Systems, where he helped manage global security threats to Cisco and grew intelligence systems that enabled the safekeeping of these systems throughout the world.

Joe earned a Bachelor of Science degree in political science and communications in under three years at Santa Clara University. Wanting to stay in the tech industry, Joe was engaged as a Security Intelligence Operator at Ebay/PayPal and then by Apple in their Security Operations Center. He then accepted a position at PSSC Labs, a high performance computing company.

Joe has continued to gain significant security and technology expertise by working in some of the world’s most demanding computing environments, including government laboratories, research facilities, Fortune 500 organizations, and well-funded startups.

His focus is on 1+1 Technology and bringing the best IT services possible to customers.

In the role of President and CEO, Joe has worked tirelessly to develop a suite of simplified IT packages. His goal is for IT support and service to become accessible unlike ever before, opening up access to technicians and experts so that technology doesn’t feel so out of reach. The plans designed by Joe are built with the idea of Keeping IT Simple:  Depending on your specific need, you can get what you want, when you want it.

“To better serve our clients, the founders then decided to separate cabling into a separate entity. This shift has allowed the 1+1 Technology team to be laser-focused on improving IT support and services processes.”

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