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30 Admired Companies to watch 2018

30 Admired Companies to watch 2018

30 Admired Companies to watch 2018

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 KMC Controls

Richard Newberry
For nearly 50 years, KMC Controls has helped facilities achieve higher levels of energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality by automating and controlling building systems. KMC is an independent American manufacturer of building automation solutions for system integrators, system distributors, and OEM partners.

Invincible Valves

Pam du Plessis, Managing Director Rob Macpherson and Paul Kirchmann laid the foundation of Invincible Valves in 1982. What started out as a valve reconditioning and rubber lining business, has grown out into one of the top valve distributors in South Africa. Invincible Valves is a leading supplier of imported and locally-manufactured low-pressure valves with all the required control mechanisms.

 Entrust Datacard

Anudeep Parhar, CIO

Consumers, citizens and employees increasingly expect anywhere-anytime experiences—whether they are making purchases, crossing borders, accessing e-gov services or logging onto corporate networks. Entrust Datacard offers the trusted identity and secure transaction technologies that make those experiences reliable and secure. Solutions range from the physical world of financial cards, passports and ID cards to the digital realm of authentication, certificates and secure communications.

 CCP Global Inc

Chris Wojcik , CEO

CCP Global is a streamlined and pioneering SaaS Resale and Implementation Company with a near 20-year legacy of creating successful, cost-efficient solutions for more than 400 enterprise clients, including more than 50 top Fortune 500 companies. The company partners with industry leaders to achieve enhanced profitability, greater efficiency and reduced risk by providing high value business solutions that leverage its experienced people, unique processes and innovative technologies. 

Collabera Inc

Hiten Patel, Chairman
CEO & Co-Founder
"We deliver highly responsive and asset based business solutions that bridge our client's execution gaps through a culture of collaboration and shared commitments. Doing so, we create a dynamic environment of growth, advancement and learning for our employees and significant return for our stakeholders while accelerating the value delivered to our clients."

Sovereign Health Group

Tonmoy Sharma, CEO

Sovereign Health Group offers high quality and comprehensive addiction, dual diagnosis, and mental health treatment programs for adults and adolescents including support services for families. The company has multiple treatment locations in the United States. Sovereign Health’s treatment programs specialize in addressing the underlying mental health conditions by utilizing innovative and cutting edge cognitive testing, rehabilitation and evidence based treatment modalities. 

Ichor Systems

Thomas M. Rohrs, Executive Chairman & Director 

Ichor operates from a global footprint and combines its world class-design and manufact-uring processes with proven capability for large scale equipment integration and legacy services. As a “turnkey” partner to major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Ichor’s customers are able to outsource all non-critical elements of their tool design, production and support in order to focus their resources on process and technology development. 

Lakes Environmental Software

Jesse L. Thé, CEO  & Presiden

Lakes Environmental is committed to supplying robust and easy-to-use software, training, and services to consulting companies, industry, governmental agencies, and academia. Since 1995, Lakes Environmental has been recognized internationally for its technologically advanced software and its exceptional expertise in the area of environmental science.

Sentry Data Systems

Travis Leonardi, founder & CEO Sentry Data Systems, a pioneer in automated pharmacy procurement, utilization management and 340B compliance, is leading the healthcare industry in turning real-time data into real-world evidence through comparative, rapid-cycle analytics™ to reduce total cost of care, improve quality and provide better results for all. 

Anago Cleaning Systems

Adam Povlitz


Anago Cleaning Systems is a commercial cleaning franchise system supporting over 30 Master Franchises and 1,400 individual franchisees in the U.S. and internationally. After years of refining procedures and creating duplicable systems created in his large commercial cleaning service, David Povlitz founded Anago in 1989 to help other entrepreneurs open their cleaning businesses. Today, its program sets the standard in U.S. commercial cleaning. 


Tom Reilly, CEO Cloudera delivers the modern platform for machine learning and analytics optimized for the cloud. Imagine having access to all your data in one platform. The opportunities are endless. The firm enables you to transform vast amounts of complex data into clear and actionable insights to enhance your business and exceed your expectations. The world’s leading organizations choose Cloudera to grow their businesses, improve lives, and advance human achievement. 


Prashanth Palakurthi
CEO & Founder
The Reflexis cloud-based Real-Time Store Operations Platform helps retailers simplify store operations, provide improved line of sight for field managers, and streamline corporate processes. Reflexis store execution, labor operations, mobility, and analytics solutions enable retailers to unleash the power of store associates, giving them more opportunities for customer engagement, providing customers with a more consistent brand experience.

IDology, Inc.

John Dancu, President and CEO

IDology, Inc. provides real-time technology solutions that verify the identity and age of consumers not present to drive revenue, decrease costs, meet compliance regulations and prevent fraud. IDology is the only provider to offer a self-service model that allows businesses to control the identity verification process of their customers on-demand, without requiring outside assistance or internal IT resources. Founded in 2003, IDology is based in Atlanta, Georgia with research and development operations located throughout the United States.

River Point Technology

Jeff Eiben, Founder Big Data is the future of business, but optimizing your technology and IT infrastructure can be a challenge. By maximizing the tools you have in place and supplementing them as needed, River Point Technology will deliver best-in-breed solutions and transform your data into a prized business resource.  It develops a relationship of trust, add value to your business and ensure that every solution aligns with a strategy of risk mitigation.


Rick Gonzalez, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer AbbVie targets specific difficult-to-cure diseases where it can leverage its core R&D expertise to advance science. The firm is constantly working to create solutions that go beyond treating the illness to have a positive impact on patients’ lives, on societies—and on science itself. It sees a future full of possibility, where health is in reach and patient lives are improved. 


Francis Dinha,  Co-Founder & CEO

The contribution of OpenVPN is indeed immense. The communication platform to connect every device securely through the ubiquitous Internet to any Private Cloud, Network, and Public Network resources and applications is something that is accessible through OpenVPN. “My vision is to grow this company rapidly through a developed roadmap, great team, and financial resources so we can better serve our industry with the best security solutions."

Zypha Corporation

Darryl Keys, President & CEO

Zypha offers full desktop to datacentre services, so that you no longer need servers or networks and instead log in anywhere in the world on any internet connected device to access your personal or business computer desktop, complete with all your folders, files and applications. It manages every aspect of your IT services to make IT worry free and to enable you to focus entirely on your business, while enjoying significant cost savings, typically 25% compared to current costs.

UnlimitedViz Inc.

Edward Senez, President
& Co-Founder

UnlimitedViz is a professional services firm that focuses on the design and implementation of solutions based on Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server and Windows SharePoint Services. The firm has significant depth in the areas of Document Management, Content Management, and Business Intelligence.


Balaji Ramachandran
Founder & CEO

SoftClouds is a CRM & CX solutions provider headquartered in sunny San Diego, CA. As an Oracle Gold Partner and experts in CRM & Hybrid Cloud, we deliver world-class solutions that deepen customer relationships, improve corporate profitability and provide in-depth business performance analysis easily & efficiently. SoftClouds understands that CRM itself is not a software application, but is instead a strategy for doing business. 

Massive Networks

Paul Mako, CEO

Massive Networks' Managed Wide Area Network solutions extend across the entire US domestic carrier ecosystem and up to 181 countries worldwide. Using a blended approach through Layer-2 and Layer-3 network designs our custom and dynamic streams of data are segmented into bandwidth-intensive services like voice, data, web services, video, and backups all on a single Ethernet handoff from our fiber backbone. Its Premium-Blended multicarrier fiber-optic network delivers secure, high-performance Internet and Private Line connections to 1.7 million fiber-lit buildings, data centers, and Cloud providers nationwide. 

Datastream Connexion

Eric Hoffman
Founder & President
Technology is more than ones and zeroes. It is the strategy, implementation, and integrity of those entrusted with the technology that matters. Datastream Connexion has a track record of successful, reliable and engaging web sites and applications. We provide critical infrastructure applications for Fortune 500, Federal and State Government, and professional associations. E-commerce, community networking sites and other niche properties are also counted among our portfolio of valued sites. 

Universal Robots

Esben H. Østergaard, CTO & Co-founder Universal Robots produce a robotic arm which is characterized by being extremely flexible and easy to use in the day-to-day production. It differs from anything else in the market in the sense that it is lightweight, very easy to re-program for any non-robot expert and can be easily moved around in the production facilities. This enables the possibilities for small and medium sized companies to implement robots into the production, even though they do not posses the robot expertise inside the company. They can do everything themselves. And at low costs.

RM Applications

Lokesh Gupta, Co-Founder
& CTO of RM Applications
RM Applications (RMA) is a growing local Malaysian company founded by a team of professionals with strong business and technology experience in the banking and finance industry. The firm works in partnership with its customers’ internal IT team and provide its business domain and technical expertise for tailored application development to meet the customer specific requirements, which may not be offered by off the shelf products available in the market

4R Systems

Kevin Stadler, President & CEO 4R Systems provides retailers breakthrough technologies that profit optimizes inventory decisions throughout an item’s life. This includes initial buy, replenishment and allocation for stores and distribution centers, and end-of-life strategies including markdowns. And nearly two decades later, it continues to deliver tangible value through innovation and advanced analytics. 

Just Analytics

Hemanta Banerjee, Chief Architect & Founder Just Analytics is Oracle Gold Partner, with expertise to implement solutions on Oracle Business Intelligence suite of solutions successfully across customers in the region. Just Analytics professionals work together to transform your licensed software into powerful solutions that support your decision making and drive superior business performance. 

Tx3 Services

Eric Toburen & Jason Tepfenhardt,
Managing Partner
& Co-Founder 

Tx3 Services provides Life Sciences industry specific services and solutions focused on leveraging technology and leading-edge methodologies to enable our clients to meet regulatory requirements in a more efficient and cost effective manner. Solutions range from large scale service engagements to specific point product solutions focused on leveraging technology to improve efficiency and quality while reducing compliance risk.

Nityo Progression Consultancy

Mr. Mui Chong Ker, Founder &
Managing Director 

Nityo Progression Consultancy aims to provide IT consultancy services and an end to end business solution to customers. The firm provides strategic business solutions with superior quality, backed by qualified professionals with strong technical know-how. Being in the industry for two decades Nityo Progression Consultancy has unparalleled experience in solution design and implementation services. It offers a full spectrum of services to deliver solutions designed to achieve customer goals. 

Inxite Health Systems

James Paat
President & CEO
Providing a modular suite of apps and plugins, combined with essential care coordination and chronic care management services, InXite’s offerings are built around the company’s core technology: the SmartCare Coordination Platform. This platform enables users to easily gather, monitor and share patient health information across a variety of providers and organizations, providing the information and tools necessary to support team-based care coordination.

Ascensia Diabetes Care

Michael Kloss, CEO

Ascensia Diabetes Care is a global company dedicated to improving the lives of people with diabetes and helping empower them to take charge of their health and happiness.The company's goal is to provide products and solutions that make a positive, daily difference for people with diabetes.It wants to help make sure diabetes doesn’t get in the way of people’s future, enabling them to live richer lives. 

FS Artificial Intelligence


Ms. Viola Lam, Founder & CEO Find Solution Artificial Intelligence Limited is principally engaged in research, develop and use of artificial intelligence technologies to find solutions and solve problems for the benefit of people and society in the areas of education and medical diagnostics. The firm currently provides adaptive learning solutions to students and medical diagnosis tool for learning disabilities (detect ADHD/Autism) on iPad or tablet. It is extending its expertise to early detection on Alzheimer’s disease with novel screening method. 

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