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October Edition 2020

5 Best AI Solution Providers 2020

5 Best AI Solution Providers 2020

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Dr. Josh Sullivan, leader  The Modzy platform leverages embedded security, proprietary adversarial defense, explainability, and governance features to solve some of the last mile challenges with operationalizing machine learning models at enterprise scale. 

Digital Air Strike

Alexi Venneri , Co-Founder and CEO  Digital Air Strike™ is the leader in consumer engagement and digital retailing helping 5,000+ businesses attract new customers, engage consumers, respond to leads, and build customer loyalty. 


Matt Zeiler, CEO & Founder Clarifai's powerful image, video, and text recognition solutions are built on the most advanced machine learning platform and made easily accessible via API, device SDK and on-premise, empowering businesses all over the world to build a new generation of intelligent applications.


Hersh Bhatt, CEO & Co-Founder atisfy is data-driven full-service marketing company for the modern business. Customer obsession, vision based leadership and diversity of staff empowers the firm to achieve what it does.

Quintix AI

Alex Labarces, President & CEO Quintix AI is a team of passionate innovators, problem solvers, and strategists who overcome difficult challenges using Artificial Intelligence.

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