Alexa 5 Best Manufacturing Companies 2022
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January Edition 2022

5 Best Manufacturing Companies 2022

5 Best Manufacturing Companies 2022

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Dalsin Industries

Tom Schmeling
President & CEO
Dalsin delivers unique metal manufacturing services through a combination of design-for-manufacture (DFM) application, innovative new product design assistance, high-velocity manufacturing processes and planning control.

3D BioFibR Inc.

Kevin Sullivan
3D BioFibR Inc. is a Dalhousie University spin-off company which uses a proprietary “dry-spinning” process to produce low denier, multifilament fibers from proteins. 3D BioFibR focuses on protein-based fibers, predominantly collagen, braided and woven to medical device OEMs and 3D in vitro tissue culture.

Fabrisonic LLC

Mark Norfolk
PE – President & CEO
Fabrisonic is a unique 3D metal printing manufacturing company. It uses an Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing (UAM) process to build specialized parts. Fabrisonic can weld dissimilar metals, embed sensors and active elements, and create complex geometry within the component.


Danny Yu
Riven software is used today by innovative manufacturers across a variety of production methods including additive manufacturing, injection molding, casting and press & sinter.


Dan Gelbart
Rapidia is unlocking the true potential of metal 3D printing with the simplest, fastest and most affordable metal additive manufacturing system on the market today.

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