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Adventure Life: “We are travelers with a passion for sharing the world your way”

Adventure Life: “We are travelers with a passion for sharing the world your way”

There’s a new passion, excitement, and a thrill when people set out traveling. But today, traveling from one place to another is totally different from what it was in the previous century. Here’s Adventure Life. A company filled with passionate travelers who are fervent in sharing the world the way their clients want. When you sign up with Adventure Life, “you'll find no cookie cutter trips here,” says the company website. The travel experts here pitch in itineraries after carefully listening to what you desire and ultimately immerse you in the vibrant colors of your destination. “This personal expertise results in a pioneering approach to travel and our award-winning itineraries that reveal our destinations’ truest flavors.”

The new age responsible travelers

Adventure Life has a passion for traveling. This passion comes with a strong commitment to preserving the places they visit. When you sign up with Adventure Life, you sign up for all the positive benefits of responsible travel including your support to wild land preservation, providing local people a sustainable livelihood, and also protecting the unique character of the places traveled. Adventure Life enforces ‘Leave No Trace’ principles in all its choice of accommodation and waste management.

Traveling responsibly also means giving back to the place and people who have inspired the establishment of Adventure Life. There’s a deep-rooted philosophy imprinted into the people of Adventure Life- “their success is our success” and this philosophy is imbibed into everything that they do- building operations, partnerships, projects, etc. This is why, every component of a trip is researched and selected to support wild land preservation and to also provide local people a sustainable livelihood and protect the unique character of the places traveled.

According to Adventure Life, there are different ways to travel responsibly. For instance, Adventure Life has crafted community service project trips in the highlands of Ecuador and Peru for those travels who volunteer with their time. When certain places require money for conservation, travelers contribute with direct donations. Giving an example, the company’s website talks about the “case in the Galapagos Islands where Adventure Life and our travelers have together donated tens of thousands of dollars over the years to help with everything from beach cleanups to policing against shark finning.”

Anchored to a cause

  • Adventure Life’s longest-running partnership is with Rainforest Alliance. In this alliance, Adventure Life provides the local partners with tools and training to become more environmentally and socially sound to promote conservation of the precious environments and the rich cultures around the world. In fact, Adventure Life is the first U.S.-based operator to join Rainforest Alliance's TOPS (Tour Operators Promoting Sustainability).
  • Adventure Life is a long-standing member of the International Galapagos Tour Operators Association with staff serving on the board of the organization that directly funds vital protection and education projects in the Galapagos.
  • The travel firm also dedicates money to support local grass-roots projects – small, independent programs without a voice or a source of funding outside their often rural locals, like a women’s shelter in Cusco or rebuilding irrigation system in a village. The company says it is “about giving back to the people and places that play host to us and our travelers.”

Experiences of a lifetime

We did not have to worry about anything. All details were taken care of and it made for a very relaxing, educational, stress-free vacation. We had one snafu with a hotel reservation but our guide took care of it and it worked out just fine. In fact, it was taken care of before we even knew it was a problem. –Cindy Chumrau

Great trip! Machu Picchu was fabulous as was the Galapagos boat tour. Travel arrangements were terrific, guides always on time as were transfers! –Scott Hollenbeck

Adventure Life has been recognized and has received many awards for its service in the travel space. The company’s works have been published by media giants like Bloomberg, Metro, LA Times, Chicago Times, National Geographic, and others. The next time you’re searching for some peace of mind or thinking about some time away, think Adventure Life! You’ll not only travel eco-friendly, but also have the advantage of an insider’s access to a personalized travel experience.

The Adventure Guide

Brian Morgan- Founder, CEO, and Adventure Lifer!

Brian always wanted his friends and family to experience the same excitement and wonder that he enjoyed while living and working in fascinating places such as Ecuador, Peru, and Russia. His friends and family wanted authentic travel experiences; they didn't, however, want to go at it on their own. So Brian used his own experiences and lots of help from friends in Ecuador and Peru to create a travel company that offers everyone the chance to discover the culture and places that he loves.

“It's an honor to be part of a community of such discerning travelers and to be part of planning their most perfect adventures.”

“Our own travel experience runs deep, from years volunteering in rural Africa and Central America, to research trips in Asia, studying in Europe, guiding in the Rockies, and just exploring every corner of the world.”

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