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October Edition 2020

atisfy®: Marketing Solutions For You

atisfy®: Marketing Solutions For You

Marketing has changed leaps and bounds in recent years. Brands now have access to better and stronger technology to drive more sales through marketing innovations. Singapore-based atisfy® is one of the foremost names in Asia known for innovation in marketing for many brands.

We talked to the marketing talisman, Hersh Bhatt, CEO and Founder of atisfy®, who shed some light on the companies breakthroughs in creating great marketing solutions. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

How can you help your customers gain a competitive edge over others?’

We offer “fight marketing” services, which, as they imply, are meant to grab market share from your competition. Businesses compete to earn public attention and influence choices daily in any industry.

We help businesses thrive in the game by identifying their leadership and differentiation style that is suited to them today. Firstly, we forge a cost leader, meaning they can leverage economies of scale and mass production to be cheaper than anyone else in the market. It is a strategy we often use for big firms and firms with offshore offices.

Second, we help develop a differentiation-driven leader.

This leader invests in being unique and different in value and quality. We help them use this advantage to drive prices higher. These are generally smaller companies willing to spend on quality advertising and marketing for high margin sales.

The third is a cost focus – this is where we help a business develop a costing model that thrives in a precise way and appeals to a specific niche. Candidates for this are usually businesses with one or two substantial value props but are lacking in other areas. At the same time, the cost leader is cheaper; on average, it is less expensive for specific exceptional use cases.

Finally, we have the differentiation focused leader. This leader can retain a very loyal customer base due to one truly distinct feature. We help them leverage this to ensure they are very sticky to their niches in the market.

Tell us how atisfy® aids in global reach and data-driven prowess to the modern-day business?

Atisfy® and its subsidiaries GMG® (Game Marketing Genie® & Growth Marketing Genie), use various methods to achieve this. Our entire business revolves around the concept of global reach and data-driven prowess.

At atisfy®, companies come across a promotion that shows them our in-house database of well over 2 billion unique people and the enormous data points we have collected. Once the advertisement is clicked, or our site is visited our pages and services all follow suit.

Next, the customer fills in a form to get a proposal. This form helps us capture information and tailor the pitch to show the best-suited insights possible. We create a few segments that are most important and then overlay them with our data points. We find these insights through media measurement, cookies, impression pixels, data management platforms, and other proprietary partnerships with major data providers.

We also focus on the channels, budgets, and messaging or creative techniques we need to apply to win over a market. We leave very little up to chance by collecting global data that is actionable for the business and actionable for our in-house team to use to perform top-notch campaigns.

How can influencer marketing help in connecting to the audience with ease?

Influencer marketing done in the atisfy® way is different from any other company in the space today. We have a database of over 10 trillion content views analyzed by our machine learning systems divided across 30 billion posts and 10 million influencers. We deploy an algorithm on our database that is customized based on the customer’s needs. We then select and automatically reach out to the influencers to provide the best return on investment.

Our algorithm exists to factor in relevance. Our data science team uses sentiment analytics

and NLP methods to identify how relevant an influencer is to a business’ brand, product, and specific campaign. We then combine the relevance score and the proprietary gross impact score based on reach, engagement, and consistency to identify a net impact score. The net impact score seamlessly merges into another algorythm, which accounts for the influencer’s asking price to create a cost per net impact score. This cost per net impact score is unique to each business, campaign, and, therefore, all influencers in our database.

This process is proven to deliver very high ROI campaigns due to its data-driven methodology and the value placed on authenticity.

Tell us how data science & marketing meet at atisfy®. Please give us an instance of how it has helped a client.

We had a project for a client to create a smart website that was smart enough to do conversion rate optimization. We did this by creating roughly 2000 modules selling unique products, value props, and visuals, and each module had a ruleset. For example, module A is a header. In contrast, module B must come after module C. We then built the algorithm that enabled this since AI requires a data set to train itself on. So,

we ended up as a part of the scope of work running advertising campaigns to almost 400 different microsegments and had the website randomly select which module to place where in the first 15 days. We then trained the algorithm to put together a site optimized to each micro-segment, make a change to modules over time,

and decide if it performed better or worse.

The company now has a single landing page capable of using over 2000 content blocks based on the data of the targeted segment and information such as device type and last visit historical data. It was an incredible six months.

“At atisfy®, companies come across a promotion that shows them our in-house database of well over 2 billion unique people and the enormous data points we have collected.”

Marketing Luminary Hersh Bhatt, CEO and Founder

Trained in marketing and management at The University of Melbourne, Hersh Bhatt grew from the elementary school kid often in trouble to the CEO and co-founder of a leading data-driven marketing company called atisfy.

After graduating at the age of 22, he joined PI.EXCHANGE, an AI and data science start-up as their first and only marketer. By the age of 23 he had become a marketing analyst as he helped them attract their seed and pre-series investor, generate buzz for their product launch and outperformed a marketing consultant they had hired to train him as his acquired digital skills were outpacing her traditional approach.

By 24 he was named Traction and Growth Lead and took charge of bringing their product to the B2C and B2B world. The brand was working with an agency delivering $8 CPI and Hersh told the CEO he could do better. Despite the impossibility of this task, he told him he would handle it. Creating a highly data-driven approach drove the CPI down to $0.30 in Australia and to $0.10 globally - both records at the time. This led to an 800% increase in ROI and the acquisition of over 1 million users.

At 25, Hersh left the company to form Game Marketing Genie. Game Marketing Genie came out of passion and he quickly took up the role of CEO, and within 6 months had worked with the largest software company in Korea at the time and Activision, the gaming giant. In 2020, they decided to consolidate all the brands under the umbrella of our invested in product’s brand atisfy.

The umbrella brand atisfy will own solution provider Game Marketing Genie, service provider Growth Marketing Genie, the B2C product (atisfyre) for influencers of all sizes, and the SMB to enterprise influencer marketing product (atisfyreach). This will also include the intelligence and AI that makes these products improve their value propositions, known as atisfy react. 

“We have a database of over 10 trillion content views analyzed by our machine learning systems divided across 30 billion posts and 10 million influencers.”

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