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atisfy®: Digital Services for You

atisfy®: Digital Services for You

Digital marketing is the most diverse field in 2020. The growth of budgets, the number of software products, and the size of IPOs show the extent to which digital marketing is touching every area of business today. Things evolve at lightning speed in digital marketing and the interplay between technology and marketing pushes innovation to its limit. atisfy®, a Singapore-based company is one of the companies in this space pushing the envelope of innovation.

atisfy® uses a data-driven approach, leveraging customer information for near-perfect targeted media execution, planning, and buying. Its creative messaging meanwhile tailors to each micro-segment within its target audience. The company sits at the forefront of one of the most transformational changes the world has ever seen.

As an end to end solution provider, atisfy® offers services and products that cover all stages of the digital marketing process. The demand for this high level of coordinated integration has turned them into a one-stop-shop for companies in need of marketing. The breadth and depth of what atisfy® does massively impact what businesses get out of their time with the company and this defines the impact atisfy® has on the industry.

Data-Driven Approach

Known for its data science prowess, atisfy® leverages the insights from its database and machine learning algorithms to design a wide range of analytics solutions for its clients to help them unlock the real value of their data.

With the help of partners including Google, atisfy® develops solutions that enable organizations to gain new insights and make better business decisions. With technologies such as Google Analytics 360 and BigQuery, businesses can save time and do more with their data — and unlock valuable data that helps them reach their business goals. Whether a client is looking for help implementing an analytics software or needs help to correctly set up the analytics, atisfy® team can provide a solution that fits their needs. Their data scientists and analytics experts can map the client’s analytics initiatives to quantifiable business outcomes with a data-driven approach.

Unique Perspective

atisfy® has a new-to-the-world product launching in 2020 that will revolutionize the influencer marketing industry, an area that suffers from a lack of measurement and efficiency, and a high barrier to entry for both influencers and businesses.

The product, which will look to facilitate both sides of the influencer marketing world, has three components. The first is atisfyreach™, a self-serve platform that businesses can use to access the influencer market at a larger scale than ever before. The brands will have the ability to target specific audiences based on affinity through the influencers they are matched with using this platform.

For the influencers, atisfy® is releasing a web and mobile app called atisfyre, which enables them to monetize their skills in real-time through paid offers from businesses that match their values and motivations. The AI behind the two platforms - that will help the enterprises in optimizing their cost per goal and influencers value themselves and personalize job offers they get - is called atisfyreact, built by data scientists and machine learning wizards at the company.

Looking Ahead

atisfy® has quickly made a name for itself in the market as the results-driven analytical solution creator. With several brand collaborations under its belt, the company has rapidly grown into a marketing powerhouse. atisfy® now has offices in three countries including Singapore, Australia, and India, and has partnerships with three of the world’s biggest social media houses. It also has a database of more than 10 million global influencers. Such positive numbers in its initial years have positioned the company on a great growth trajectory as a global company that can create value for the brands worldwide through deep human connection.

The Singapore-based company cuts no corners when it comes to investing in hiring top talent from across the marketing industry. They employ forward-thinking individuals with excellent skills who merge well with the team and clients to provide positive ROI and potential for growth.

The company remains strong and loyal to its mission, goals, and objectives while constantly evolving the products/services and methods. Their best comes from delivering results to customers who view atisfy® as trustworthy and genuine advisors to their business. atisfy® serves target markets relentlessly well with top-notch talent, ensuring they remain the option of choice for anyone considering digital services.

Marketing Genius: Hersh Bhatt, Founder and CEO

Hersh established atisfy® in 2018. He is the founder of atisfy®’s related entities: Game Marketing Genie and Growth Marketing Genie. He founded his first company aged just 24. He is gifted with problem-solving abilities and has a great vision for the company and the industry at large. At atisfy®, he is responsible for setting the creative and strategic direction of the company. 

He has a B.Com in Marketing and Management from the University of Melbourne.

“With the help of partners including Google, atisfy® develops solutions that enable organizations to gain new insights and make better business decisions.”

“atisfy® serves target markets relentlessly well with top notch talent, ensuring they remain the option of choice for anyone considering digital services.”

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