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atisfy: The innovative marketing mastermind

atisfy: The innovative marketing mastermind

Digital marketing has always been in demand in the online market and the established business. Sadly there are very few good options available. One of the new and emerging digital marketing companies is Atisfy, which has scaled up a lot due to its innovative marketing approaches. To know more about them, we had a consultation with Hersh Bhatt, CEO of atisfy.

Q. TikTok, was your go-to advertising platform? How are you approaching it now?

TikTok has never been our “go-to” advertising platform. Our dominant media have been Google’s Ad Suite and Facebook Ads Manager, followed by rising platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat, and 100s of others.

We remain very grateful to TikTok. They have embraced our clients and us into their advertising offerings so early into its life cycle, which will always be treasured. We see TikTok lose a lot of its user base due to constitutional reasons. It would, by nature, become less charming as a platform. So we are equipped to utilize the best venues and ways available to our customer base whenever wanted.

Q. What are Game Marketing Genie and Growth Marketing Genie’s participation in making atisfy one of the best service providers?

Both Game Marketing Genie and Growth Marketing Genie are marketing service providers. The rest of atisfy® is rising into the software as a service and platform expanse. Consequently, the two GMG® brands are 100% of the reason atisfy® reigns perceived as one of the most outstanding service providers. Our expectation looking ahead takes a developing pain point in these two service providers. It transforms them into products to lower the barrier to entry, tap into the self-serve market, and develop the most incredible possible array of options.

Q. Tell us about your products and technology.

atisfyreach, a platform that businesses can use to buy influencer marketing at light speed, leverages artificial intelligence developed in house to make decisions that seem impossible. Early reports indicate the system works like magic.

Meanwhile, our product atisfyre is a platform made for influencers that will empower them to monetize their content in ways that have never gotten alike before. The product is a chance to add more value to influencers’ experiences. Already a highly prosperous modern media channel and an opportunity to add more value to the ecosystem through some measurement methods that are not currently in use is exciting.

Q. How is atisfy distinct from its competitors?

atisfy® is unique in the fact that it is on the product side, a new to world method for purchasing influencer campaigns. On the service side, it is offering two lines of business. Firstly it has a brand purely focused on the entertainment, interactive, and gaming space known and Game Marketing Genie. We specialize in this fast-growing and heavily data generating niche and focus on offering the most potent methods to become more successful.

Growth Marketing Genie focuses on data-driven marketing, end to end marketing, multi-channel marketing, and rapid experimentation. Also, they leverage technologies that enable mass-scale automation. They are a vital set of tools in our arsenal to bring better offerings to the industry.

Q. What can atisfy do for its customers?

atisfy® can do an endless number of things for customers through its products and services and the managed services on top of its products. It is rare to find an effective full-service marketing provider in today’s hyperspecialized world of agencies. Still, atisfy®’s brands achieve this by helping relatively large companies thrive without investing in their in-house marketing capacity. Instead, they leverage atisfy. The company can scale up and down based on the customers’ needs. It can cover everything, ranging from strategy, budgeting, planning, fundraising, growth, channel selection, media buying, programmatic marketing, and funnels, and viral trends.

Q. What is your success mantra?

Our success mantra has always focused on the areas of a business that can lead to disproportionally large returns on investment. This exponential growth mindset will be on display through marketing to the right person as that show high lifetime value and retention rates for most companies. However, in some cases, a business will be doing this correctly. The issue will be its ability to take places from

leads and to a close. Something that we would offer sales enablement services to help improve. In this case, it is vital to deliver services that focus on the right type of retargeting campaign to help provide the right message.

Q. What is your business model?

The business model used at atisfy is one that walks the fine line between product, service, and free advice and help. Agencies often suffer from the rapid growth in cost per acquisition versus the lower retention rate, usually found as the average prices of services that they bill hourly keep dropping. We mitigate this by productizing services that are most often still viewed as something requiring staff-hours. We use data science-driven artificial intelligence to maintain the smartness that today is considered exclusive to human touch. We add the final layer on top of this, which is usually a human element, to ensure the output is sound. Disruptive thinking enables us to be significant price competitive.

About the CEO

Hersh Bhatt is the CEO and Co-founder of a leading data-driven marketing company called atisfy. After graduating at age 22, he joined PI.EXCHANGE, an AI and data science start-up as their first and only marketer. By the age of 23, he had become a marketing analyst as he helped them attract their seed and pre-series investor. By 24, he was named Traction and Growth Lead and took charge of bringing their product to the B2C and B2B world. The brand worked with an agency delivering $8 CPI, and Hersh told the CEO he could do better.

At 25, Hersh left the company to form Game Marketing Genie. Game Marketing Genie came out of passion. He quickly took on the role of CEO. Within six months, he had worked with the largest software company in Korea at the time and Activision, the gaming giant. The umbrella brand atisfy will own solution provider Game Marketing Genie, service provider Growth Marketing Genie, the B2C product (atisfyre) for influencers of all sizes, and the SMB to enterprise influencer marketing product (atisfyreach). For all customers, we include the intelligence and AI that make these products improve their value propositions, known as atisfy react.

“It has been a pleasure to work with the atisfy team. There is a good chance; it’s not our last work order. I would love to stay in contact,” Andrey, Wargaming.

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