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Bankai Group: Managing Global Telecom Networks through Innovative Technologies

Bankai Group: Managing Global Telecom Networks through Innovative Technologies

The Telecom sector has changed a lot in the past two decades. While it used to offer just voice and SMS service back in the ‘90s, it has now evolved to include mobile broadband with 5G, IoT products, digital services, and even essential financial services like mobile payments. Bankai Group is a globally recognized leader in the ICT sector, with interests in wholesale & retail Voice and Telecom Technology business. For more than 30 years, Bankai Greoup has been instrumental in providing ultimate carrier solutions worldwide. We interviewed the Bankai Group executives to know more about the company and its diversified products and services. Here are a few excerpts of the interview.

Tell us about Bankai Group’s successful journey to date.

Bankai Group’s journey in the telecommunications field began in 1989 as a manufacturer of electronic push-button telephones, satellite dishes, and media receivers. The company was a success, and by 1994, we became the first organization in India to launch a private telephone exchange. After making a mark in the Indian telecom industry the founder and CEO of the company, Mr. Bankim Brahmbhatt forayed into the international markets with Telecom Billing and Engineering Services in 2000. This was the year Panamax, the technology arm of Bankai Group, came into being.

After achieving recognition in the telecommunications industry, Bankai Group shifted its focus towards the fintech domain. In 2010, we successfully built MobiFin, a digital financial solution designed to help banks and telecom companies introduce digital financial services for their customers. The next step was to diversify into the retail segment with a commercial partnership with ButtonPay in 2011. We then launched BridgeVoice Pluto, an automated carrier portal, to bridge the gap between retailers and operators. We also branched out into flexible international calling and roaming plans with CallnRoam and introduced SMShop, a mobile marketing solution for businesses to shoot bulk messages to their customers. Today, Bankai Group is a respected and recognized name in the telecommunications domain, known for catering to every need of businesses in this sector.

What is Bankai Group’s role in accelerating the global telecom technology revolution?

Bankai Group has decades of experience in telecom and fintech technology. We have been providing innovative technology solutions to customers, bringing business agility, reducing fixed operation costs, and innovating next-generation services for over three decades. Our state-of-the-art product offerings facilitated a business transformation in network systems and business domains to improve our customers’ ROI. Our journey with telecom technology started with International Wholesale Business. We were among the first companies in Asia to develop Carrier Grade Billing for International Voice Business in the late 90s. By 2010, we had a full suite of solutions ranging from Billing and Revenue Management to Switching Solutions. We also built the industry’s most comprehensive RAFM solution that helps operators fight several telecom frauds. Today, BridgeVoice Pluto is one of the industry-leading UCaaS platforms for all communication needs, from Voice to Messaging to IP Telephony.

The 80s was the time where the word ‘technology’ was new. How did you manage to establish Bankai Group with limited and restricted resources?

The resources were indeed limited in the ‘80s, as the flow of information and knowledge about technology was not available like it is in the current era. Also, raising capital in those days was a big task as India still was in the early years of liberalization, and interest rates were high. We worked closely with global OEMs like HP, IBM, and VMware for the Telephony PBX exchange business in western India in the 90s. So, we got the valued experience of working with large enterprises helping us adopt the global culture, work ethics, and innovative approach early on. We also began getting references from our global partners, which helped us build the International Voice Billing solution for some of the biggest wholesale companies in the world in the late 90s. In a nutshell, innovative culture, a great workforce, and customer camaraderie played a pivotal role in our early success.

Modern technology offers the promise to advance and make telecommunication easier and more effective. Do you adopt new technologies to improve your service efficiency?

As a pioneer in the telecom and fintech technology sectors, we understand the importance of optimizing our infrastructure and technologies to deliver optimal services to our partners and customers. We believe the first step towards achieving success and keeping up with the competition is to keep up with the upcoming technologies. It not only helps us deliver faster but also lowers the cost of operations for us as well as our partners. The advent of new technologies has also boosted operational efficiency with the option to automate, allowing us to streamline several tedious and time-consuming processes and ensure error-free service delivery.

As an experienced and highly successful managed services provider, do you help your clients patch up their internal inefficiencies and streamline their operations towards success?

Our specialized capabilities in telecommunications and the extensive experience accumulated over the last three decades give us a deeper understanding of telecom processes. Our partners and clients choose to trust us with the development and management of their networks because we bring the expertise that they need to develop high-end value-added services for their customers. As a Managed Services Provider, we aim to patch up their internal inefficiencies, improve their network’s performance, boost security, and cut costs.

What does innovation mean to the Bankai Group?

Innovation at Bankai Group is all about adding value to our customers’ businesses with the help of trusted technologies. We strive to continually improve our products and services by implementing new techniques and ideas to help our partners boost their productivity and efficiency. And most importantly, we believe innovation means staying relevant to the current market trends and evolving our solutions and services to meet the changing industry demands.

What does the future hold for your company?

In the future, we plan to continue to keep innovating to meet the generous demands from all sectors. Bankai Group has already adopted advanced technologies like AI/ML, Big Data, Blockchain, IoT, and OpenRAN that are likely to drive the future’s telecommunications industry. We are also focusing on expanding our network and leveraging 5G to deliver improved services to our customers worldwide. As for our fintech offerings, we plan to fortify our existing solutions with advanced data analytics. We are also working on making our products more flexible and convenient to use.

Meet the CEO

Mr. Bankim Brahmbhatt, the President and CEO of Bankai Group, has a vast experience of more than three decades in the telecommunications industry. With his foresightedness, leadership, and business acumen, he has successfully built the Bankai Group of companies that now comprise telecom and technology divisions such as Broadband Telecom Inc., BridgeVoice Inc., CallnRoam Inc., SMShop, ButtonPay, and Panamax Inc. As a seasoned leader in this competitive industry, Mr. Brahmbhatt has worked relentlessly with multidisciplinary teams to identify, develop, and launch new products. He continues to inspire us with his ambitious vision towards an inclusive market.

“Airtel is satisfied with the overall quality and business offered by Bankai Group through consistent deals for critical retail destinations,” Anindita Samanta, Regional Manager, Airtel Business.

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