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BigPanda: Delivering Autonomous Operations to the most complex enterprises

BigPanda: Delivering Autonomous Operations to the most complex enterprises

When it comes to IT operations, the industry enterprises have been trying to automate it for years now. However, when they try to bring out automation, they rely on dependency and rules models. All of these models are programmed by hand which results in slow time to value, an inability to keep updated with rapid changes, and also high costs.

When Assaf Resnick and Elik Eizenberg faced IT operations running on ruled-driven solutions, they were very frustrated. Combined with the manual process, the entire operation would take a long time to finally come through. They decided to bring out a new path and created BigPanda a couple of years ago in 2012. They knew that machine learning would change the picture and help improve things.

They came up with a simple idea then (it can be considered simple even today!). “Use Machine Learning to scale up the ability of human beings to manage the tsunami of IT alerts and data coming out the data center, help IT deliver a superior level of digital service and application performance, and in the process, dramatically accelerate innovation,” the BigPanda website informs us.

Simple, yet powerful

The idea that the founder duo thought of was simple, yet powerful. Let’s take for instance- a constantly transforming and evolving datacenter like DevOps, micro-services, cloud, etc. In this scenario, many enterprise IT professionals end up being frustrated with environments that move at an unprecedented scale, complexity and velocity. Business enterprises require a new generation of automation that’s enabled with machine learning. This will help them to keep their business running and transform them into an accelerator in the industry. That’s possible when IT operations are equipped with machine learning.

Today, most of the IT operations are fighting a losing battle. Everyone in an organization is relying on the operation team to ensure the smooth running of applications 24 X7 X 365. However, this isn’t so easy. The complexity of the infrastructure keeps increasing and the operations team is in a constant battle of services being down, SLAs violated, and frustrated customers.

This vicious cycle keeps happening, especially inside large complex enterprises. In the end, it could take a toll on new innovation and transformations inside the firm. It doesn’t have to be this way and BigPanda is here to help you with Autonomous Operations for your firm. With the foundation of BigPanda in 2012, the company is successfully bringing this idea of Autonomous Operations to some of the most complex and biggest enterprises in the world. In fact, BigPanda is the first provider of Autonomous Operations solutions when it comes to enabling IT operations for complex and large enterprises. The company mission “is to automate and scale the ability of IT Operations to meet the demands of digital transformation.”

The World’s First Autonomous Operations Platform

For the above mentioned problems and situations, BigPanda gives you solutions that are innovative and transformative. The BigPanda Open Box Machine Learning is the driving factor behind the company’s Autonomous Operations platform. The transparent and always updated platform creates effective automation logic. The Open Box Machine Learning helps IT operation teams on their transformative journey to become more efficient, productive, and innovate new solutions.

For example, the Algorithmic Event Management platform from BigPanda keeps businesses running smoothly. This is achieved by automating the way IT teams manage the outbursts of IT incidents and alerts that pour in everyday! The BigPanda platform intelligently correlates massive volumes of IT application, infrastructure, and alerts from fragmented clouds. The platform has the ability to automate IT teams to remediate issues with fewer resources and at a faster rate. By cutting through all the noise, BigPanda aids to achieve higher service levels.

“Everyone here believes that they are part of something great and doing the best work of their lives”

The team of BigPanda people is a bunch of active and creative people. Together, they jointly collaborate to sustain the company’s unique culture. All the “Pandas” here are laser-focused on results and are committed to delivering excellence. Everyone who steps into the office of BigPanda feels the unique vibes pulsing through.

Located in the Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv, BigPanda is “made up of motivated, passionate individuals that appreciate open, honest, and transparent work style.” While empowering and transforming IT Operations is a serious business here, BigPanda also believes in having lots of fun. It is a mission-driven company and ensures that all its people have a proud and memorable career growth while working here.

Leader Charmer

Assaf Resnick, Co-Founder and CEO

Prior to starting BigPanda, Assaf Resnick was an investor with Sequoia Capital. Here, he had the privilege to partner with amazing entrepreneurs to build meaningful and enduring companies. Mr. Resnick holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the Walter A. Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.

“BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning drives BigPanda Autonomous Operations platform. It creates transparent, always up-to-date and effective automation logic that helps your IT ops team become more efficient and productive.”

“BigPanda is a mission-driven company that takes empowering and transforming IT Operations seriously.”

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