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Connected Dealer Services: A comprehensive Dealer Lifecycle Management (DLM) system designed exclusively for new car dealerships

Connected Dealer Services: A comprehensive Dealer Lifecycle Management (DLM) system designed exclusively for new car dealerships

As a car dealer, you’re probably familiar with GPS vehicle tracking and using it for stolen vehicle recovery. Not only can it pinpoint the real-time location of vehicles at any given time, but it is efficient, economical, and could help your business achieve its financial goals.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, with the right provider, GPS tracking can be a huge benefit your dealership the moment devices are installed by allowing you to effectively and efficiently manage your inventory.

We found the right provider for you, meet Connected Dealer Services (CDS), a company that created a cloud-based, connected GPS technology aiming on progressive new car dealerships across North America.

CDS’ GPS Dealer Inventory Management System is engineered exclusively with new car dealers in mind.

We got in touch with the leadership of the company to understand more about CDS

Why was Connected Dealer Services created?

CDS was born to meet the needs of new car franchise dealerships. The valuable assets on their lots are often not secured and not easily recovered. At the same time, dealerships are looking for more ways to add value to their consumers and incur additional revenue and retention with their customer base. The automotive industry is embracing new and innovating technologies to streamline and optimize their lot management, asset tracking, and test drive experiences.

How is CDS’ GPS management software unique?

CDS provides an embedded solution for all vehicles, called EloGPS, that allows the dealership to manage the ownership and maintenance of the vehicle via a dealer branded smart phone app. Many people think of it as a Fitbit for their car. It provides data analytics, check engine light notifications, maintenance alerts, real-time vehicle tracking, and 24/7 stolen  vehicle recovery service that assures a driver can keep their vehicle healthy and safe.

How does Elo GPS function? What role does it play in vehicle recovery?

EloGPS was the first to offer 4G LTE cellular technology, offering greater bandwidth and lower latency than older technologies to set the solution apart from the competition. EloGPS provides real-time vehicle tracking, geofence boundaries and alerts, fuel and battery level notifications, as well as vehicle health and diagnostic information. Our 24/7 stolen vehicle recovery service comes standard with EloGPS on every installed vehicle. 

What are the benefits of using the EloGPS service for new car dealerships?

Our lot management and asset recovery solution give dealers real-time awareness of what’s happening with their inventory. It allows them to build a better test drive experience for their guests as well as stay on top of maintenance needs such as battery and fuel levels as vehicles sit on the lot. EloGPS gives them business intelligence through reports and visual dashboards to help them run their business as effectively as possible with data at their fingertips. We recently launched a 2.0 version of our back-end dealership platform that enhanced the user experience and we will continue to iterate and listen to feedback when our dealer partners talk to make it better for them.

How can consumers benefit from having the EloGPS service on their vehicles?

The consumer benefits to the drivers involve monitoring, maintenance, and protection for them and their vehicle. The GPS solution is packaged as a connected car and stolen vehicle recovery solution. The peace of mind that comes with their vehicle being monitored without the driver having to worry about it is unparalleled.  From fuel level, low battery, check engine lights, and maintenance reminders, the CarRxfeature takes care of the customer and sends them back to the dealership when they need help with a mobile app scheduling system. 

What is the future of CDS?

We are focused on helping dealers retain their customers through service retention and revenue while building loyalty and customer engagement. Our CarRx feature does just that and allows the dealership to stay with the driver for the life cycle of their vehicle providing vehicle health and maintenance information directly to the driver. CDS continues to evolve its product offerings to exceed the needs and expectations of its customers. 

Say hello to the ingenious personalities

CDS is part of the Procon Analytics telematics division under the leadership of Brian Boling and Bill Cheney. Brian is the CEO of Procon Analytics who is an inventor and author of multiple IoT patents leveraging GPS technology. Bill is Procon’s chief technology officer and managing director. They are pioneers in the industry and incubated a suite of connected car products in 2015. Together they launched Connected Dealer Services in 2017, which has seen double-digit growth year over year. CDS is currently under the leadership of President, Shane Wilson. Wilson, who has more than 20 years’ experience in connected vehicle and automotive consumer electronics, joined Procon Analytics in January 2019 and spearheads product development for the franchised dealer group to brand CDS nationally as it rolls out new dealer and consumer products, services, and profit centers for retailers. Wilson is leading a best-in-class team, including his Chief Revenue Officer, Daniel Walpole. Walpole is responsible for defining and maintaining the revenue strategy, architecting and integrating the revenue systems, and designing and launching revenue programs for CDS. The scope of Daniel’s role includes overseeing sales, marketing, data analytics, and, most importantly, delivering the highest possible level of customer satisfaction to both dealerships and drivers. Together, their teams at CDS are driving over 50% year-over-year revenue growth.

“Our benefits include increased service retention and customer loyalty, driver engagement, easily manage inventory audits, asset protection, and more. Dealers receive all the above benefits plus add a strong new profit center.”

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