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CDS Global: Delivering superior business results and customer experiences

CDS Global: Delivering superior business results and customer experiences

In this age of information and technology, we’re at liberty to use massive amounts of data. At the same time, we ourselves produce lots of data about our likes-dislikes, preferences, opinions, etc. The power of data and technology is skillfully used by CDS Global so that businesses can interest new consumers and also manage consumer relationships and drive revenue. It can be said that CDS Global is a solutions provider utilizing the power of data and technology to support the entire consumer lifecycle.

Owned by Hearst, CDS Global is benefitted from the stability, vision, and support that come from Hearst’s 130-year legacy. “This support allows us to invest in technology and resources to support your business,” says the Chairman and CEO- Malcolm Netburn. Established in 1972, CDS Global has grown exponentially over decades and today they manage 200 million consumers for more than 1,000 brands across the globe.

With CDS Global, you can target prospects with the best data while deploying the latest marketing technology to reach out to your audience. The company helps you get live across channels so that you can accept orders and contributions with virtually any payment method. You can offer your customers exceptional care and experience as well as manage all your relationships with them. CDS Global is the only partner you’ll need; as the company says: “CDS Global helps you manage your customer or donor lifecycle from beginning to end.”

Speaking of their clients, the CEO says, “Our clients range from single-title magazine publishers and local nonprofits to international media companies and multi-chapter charities.” It doesn’t matter what industry you’re from, CDS Global will provide you with solutions that’ll drive results. “Our strategic partners include businesses large and small in the media, nonprofit, consumer product, utility and higher education industries – and beyond,” Mr. Netburn explains.

As one of the best solutions provider, CDS Global will handle all your operations and manage your consumer interactions. Clients are free to focus on what truly matters to them- it could be developing innovative products and solutions, creating content or raising support for your mission. For instance, CDS Global will handle all your operations, which means you can ensure that the latest issue of Highlights for Children gets into the hands of a child or process donations quickly to allow the American Red Cross to provide much-needed disaster relief.

“Powering the Consumer & Donor Lifecycle”

The above statement is true in every context with CDS Global. The information overload on the Internet can cause confusions and meaningless interactions with customers that ultimately lead to a bad experience. It’s very important to create meaningful interactions with a consumer in this information-driven and fast-moving world. At the same time, it’s a challenge in itself.

Since consumer audiences are empowered with information available all the time, it’s a challenge for companies to increase their engagement with the audiences. This is because the audiences are continuously shifting their consumption, engagement and purchasing behavior. With multiple channels and platforms available today, it’s even more difficult to deftly navigate an evolving communication and technology landscape. This is where CDS Global outshines everyone else with its suite of solutions.

“Let CDS Global provide you industry-leading, data-powered solutions to maximize consumer interactions ensure engagement, build brand loyalty and grow revenue,” the company proposes. Here’s a list of solutions CDS Global offers:

Data Solutions: With the data solutions from CDS Global, you can effectively target your audience. The solution amalgamates demographic data, customer information, and transactional inputs to give you personalized communication with the audience. It helps you to make informed business decisions.

Marketing Solutions: It’s important for your communication to reach your target audience in the right place, at the right time and- most importantly- with the right message. CDS Global’s Marketing solutions give you a wide range of effectual digital and printed communications.

Order Management and Fulfillment: The powerful tools used by CDS Global go beyond the old-school order management and fulfillment process. It helps to manage customer information and effectively market and fulfill products.

Commerce and Payment Solutions: CDS Global is the only partner you’ll need for anything related to products for sale, their payments in a safe and secure way, and shipping.

Mailing Solutions: “Our experienced team will work with you to determine the best paper and printing options to meet your business’ needs and your budget, managing all aspects along the way,” says the CDS Global team.

Warehousing and Distribution: As a critical part of customer interaction, warehousing and distribution systems provided by CDS Global are reliable, efficient, quick, and safe. You can surely exceed your customer’s expectations with the complete suite of warehousing and distribution provided by CDS Global.

Customer Care: Every customer wishes to have a fast, simple, and smooth communication to resolve their issue. Highly-qualified personnel with valuable experience- along with reliable technology from CDS Global assure that your customers have an effective communication experience.

Man of the hour

Malcolm Netburn, Chairman and CEO

Since joining the company in February 2007, Mr. Netburn has provided thought leadership to the various industries served by CDS Global and has been a featured speaker at conferences throughout these industries. He has more than 35 years of experience with magazine, newspaper, book and media companies. Before joining CDS Global, he was a founding partner of Netburn McGill, a New York-based consulting firm that he helped establish in 1986.

A graduate of The George Washington University, Mr. Netburn previously served in executive roles at Chemical Week Associates, Hart Publications, the Christian Science Monitor, the National Wildlife Federation and Scholastic. He was the 2013 inductee into the Media & Content Marketing Association (MCMA) Hall of Fame.

“CDS Global uses the power of data and technology to help you acquire new consumers, manage your consumer relationships and drive revenue.”

“Make the most of your entire consumer lifecycle, from acquisition and billing to order management, renewal and care.”

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