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Confluent – Creating the Foundational Platform for Data-In-Motion

Confluent – Creating the Foundational Platform for Data-In-Motion

Every byte of data has a story to tell, something of significance that will inform the next thing to be done. In a data-driven enterprise, how the data moved becomes nearly as important as the data itself. With greater speed and agility, data’s value increases exponentially. Many companies adopt the cloud, they may discover that migrating to the cloud is not a simple, one-time project - it's a much harder task than building new cloud-native applications. Keeping the old legacy stack and the new cloud applications in sync, with a single cohesive global information system is critical.

Confluent is one such firm that is primarily focusing on building an event streaming platform to help other companies get easy access to enterprise data as the real-time stream is Confluent. It is pioneering a fundamentally new category of data infrastructure focused on data in motion.  Its cloud-native offering is the foundational platform for data in motion—designed to be the intelligent connective tissue enabling real-time data, from multiple sources, to constantly stream across the organization.  With Confluent, its customers can meet the new business imperative of delivering rich, digital customer experiences and real-time business operations. 

Cutting-Edge Products Offered

ksqlDB: It enables you to build modern, real-time applications with the same ease and familiarity of building traditional applications on a relational database. It also simplifies the underlying architecture for these applications so you can build powerful, real-time systems with just a few SQL statements. ksqlDB is a fast moving project. Try the latest additions as soon as possible through the standalone distribution, which is free to use. The source is available on GitHub. A new release goes out roughly once per month. The standalone edition is licensed under the Confluent Community License and is not commercially supported by Confluent. ksqlDB in Confluent Cloud is transparently upgraded on your behalf as part of the fully managed service. Each cloud version wraps a specific version of the standalone distribution.

Apache Kafka®: Confluent Platform improves Kafka with additional community and commercial features designed to enhance the streaming experience of both operators and developers in production, at a massive scale. The complete event streaming platform helps to connect all apps and data with the broadest ecosystem of clients and connectors for Kafka. It helps to process the data streams and respond in real-time with Kafka Streams and KSQL - Confluent’s streaming SQL engine. It deploy on any cloud, public or private, with a consistent platform and operating model and can help to stream across on-premises and public clouds with the industry’s hybrid streaming service. It also helps its users to choose an operational model as self-managed software or fully-managed service with Confluent Cloud.

Confluent is the industry's most powerful solution that leverages the power of Apache Kafka. With over 140 pre-built connectors, any organization can build durable, low latency, streaming data pipelines that handle millions of real-time events per second with added stream processing and real-time ETL capabilities. Empower timely analytics and business intelligence applications while maintaining data integrity.

Confluent Cloud: The cloud-native agility helps to Scale elastically between 0 to 100 Mbps without any size or provision clusters and starts streaming in minutes. Streams across hybrid and multi-clouds and builds a persistent bridge from on-premises to cloud with hybrid Kafka service stream across public clouds for multi-cloud data pipelines. Confluent enables large scale, big data pipelines that automate real-time data movement across any systems, applications, and architectures at massive scale. Aggregate, transform, and move data from on-premises legacy services, private clouds, or public clouds and into your apps from a central data pipeline for powerful insights and analytics.

The Leader Upfront

Jay Kreps,co-founder, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Confluent. He is also the original author of several open-source projects, including Apache Kafka, Apache Samza, Voldemort, and Azkaban.

“Enabling data mobility between multi-cloud to liberate your developers from operations burden and build a seamless and persistent bridge across your hybrid and multi-cloud deployment.”


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