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Consistent, transparent and quality IT Services since 2004: ProKarma

Consistent, transparent and quality IT Services since 2004: ProKarma

“There’s a way to do it better - Find it.” – Thomas Edison

With innovative and cost-effective IT services that range from custom solutions, ERP and testing and validation to Agile, Mobile, security, and content solutions, ProKarma serves  the needs of diverse clientele in the Logistics & Transportation, Healthcare, Retail, Utilities, Railroads, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications and Automotive sectors. Additionally, the company’s BPO division provides utility and telecommunications management, services procurement, and data management services, while the multi-shore delivery model offers a wide range of high-quality, localized services that provide flexibility and scalability depending on the customers’ needs.

The company has been recently in the news for receiving the SAP Partner Center of Excellence (PCoE) certification in both the United States and Argentina and for the acquisition of BPM Northwest, a Portland-based consulting firm specializing in on-premise and cloud based data integration and analytics solutions.

An enterprise driven by Value and Commitment

Delivering simple, effective solutions for complex business problems, the Omaha, Nebraska headquartered company innovates unique business-enabling solutions and technologies by working in partnership with a variety of clientele. With proven processes and technology expertise that set the stage for successful execution and delivery, ProKarma knows how to deliver the right solutions at the right time, allowing clients to reap the benefits of smooth and productive workflows with visible results. Dedicated to making a difference in the global Information Technology community, the team at ProKarma works with 200+ companies worldwide and operates from 21 offices spread across India, Argentina, Peru and US.

With specialities that include IT Strategy and Consulting, Testing and Automation, Enterprise Mobility, Enterprise Application Development, Open Source, Emerging Web, SAP, Infrastructure, Microsoft, Enterprise Java, DevOps and Analytics (Big Data) amongst others, ProKarma’s depth and breadth of services are executed utilizing a global delivery framework that can be adapted to any scope or business need. And combining a distillation of industry best practices, standardized tools, resource expertise and geographic reach, ProKarma’s Global Delivery Framework drives consistency, transparency and quality with every engagement.

Diverse solutions and tailored needs for clientele

An expert solutions provider in the Transportation & Logistics space, ProKarma help companies along the transportation and logistics value chain focus on what they do best. Be it network simulation or dynamic route planning and analytics, ProKarma’s Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Analytics for Logistics, Business Intelligence, Multi-dimensional Diagnostic Systems, Crew Management, Dynamic Route Planning, Network Simulation, Procurement, Transportation Control Systems, Mobile Solutions, Performance Improvement and Process Redesign offerings has solutions for once and all. For the Automotive sector, the leader offers In-dash Systems, Mobile Solutions, Manufacturing and Supply Chain solutions that apply a value driven approach right from processes like procurement and logistics to product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales to ensure successful transformation of the client’s ventures. The company also specializes in cutting-edge technology solutions and highly efficient business processes to help the Railroad industry gain efficiencies and improve operating ratios.

The Insurance experts at ProKarma understand the pressures and operational issues of insurance companies and deliver solutions tailored to meet different client needs. The comprehensive solutions portfolio includes Life Insurance Services, Claims Services, Pensions and Retirement Solutions, Personal and Commercial Lines Insurance Policy Services, Reinsurance and Broking Services and Risk and Regulatory Services. Additionally the company’s financial services solution portfolio that includes comprehensive capabilities in Cards and payment management, Retail banking, Corporate banking, Loans, Mortgages and Investment banking empowers Banks and Finance Services firms to differentiate and address their clienteles needs more efficiently.

ProKarma understands that energy rules the world and the Utility sector needs constant development of unique technology. Thus ProKarma helps clients embrace cloud computing technologies to improve operational efficiency through integrated solutions that helps to improve existing business systems while incorporating new technology to provide safety, consistency and energy efficiency. With industry leading Wireline, Wireless, Cable and Satellite, Telecom Billing, IT Strategy, Infrastructure Management, Application Development and Maintenance, Systems Integration and Mobile Solutions, ProKarma helps Telecom players implement innovative strategies and solutions and stay on top of competition. ProKarma helps stakeholders such as Health Plans and Providers in the Healthcare space prosper in new business environment characterized by increased levels of direct patient engagement, expanded patient self-service, value-based care and precision care delivery driven by real-time analytics, enhanced collaboration across the extended care support team, and increased IT efficiency and enablement. And a deep understanding of the Retail market enables the company to deliver Consulting, Process Development, Merchandising, Supplier Relationship Management and Supply Chain Management services to companies to help achieve their business targets and ensure satisfactory ROIs.

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