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Covenant Technologies: Offering solutions through extensive hands-on knowledge in cybersecurity and IT

Covenant Technologies: Offering solutions through extensive hands-on knowledge in cybersecurity and IT

The cybersecurity and IT industries are on the rise as cyber threats increase and the importance of data security becomes increasingly popular. Cyber security solutions provide tools that are technologically advanced to provide services that protect companies and businesses against different forms of cyber-attacks.

Recruitment in the cybersecurity and IT sectors can be incredibly hard; there are a significant number of obstacles that come in between finding the right individual and the right job. The cybersecurity and IT industries are increasing in demand, with technology constantly advancing, causing security risks to also skyrocket. Data in any company is one of the most critical aspects; protecting that data in order to maintain the reputable image of a company becomes a top priority. It is, therefore, essential to find the right candidates for the job.

With a company like Covenant Technologies, they understand the importance of what’s at stake in the cybersecurity and IT industries, and it is their mission to use their innovative techniques and technologies to scour through barriers and go beyond the basic necessity of filling a position. They take into consideration a true understanding of a company’s culture and purpose in the industry and find the best talent fit for the opportunity at hand.

The team at Covenant Technologies consists of highly advanced and experienced individuals that have spent the forefront of their careers in the industry and are beyond capable of providing the services needed to cultivate and find successful candidates. Under the leadership of Casey Marquette, the team at Covenant Technologies is a winner in the field, delivering solutions with exceptional knowledge, ability, and work ethic.

CIO Bulletin had the opportunity to talk to Casey Marquette, the CEO of Covenant Technologies, about the company’s innovative ways of staying ahead in their industry.

Q. Why was Covenant Technologies set up? What need in the market does the company fulfill?

During my tenure as a CISO and now CEO of Covenant Technologies, I observed a noticeable deficiency in recruiters in terms of speed, honesty, transparency, accountability, fairness, and quality. I realized that with my knowledge, leadership experience, and skill base, I could provide these core values and make a real difference in the industry.

Q. What are the guidelines by which Covenant Technologies operates? Can you please briefly tell us?

Beyond our core values, we’re obsessed with data as a means of fulfilling corporate staffing needs as efficiently as possible. In the words of W. Edwards Deming, an American professor, “Without data, you’re merely expressing an opinion.” This quote aligns perfectly with our “say-do” philosophy, which means our actions align with our promises, ensuring our performance is consistently reliable.

Q. How does Covenant Technologies help its clients with their cybersecurity and IT solutions?

First, we offer extensive experience, a vast network of connections, and a diverse talent pool, coupled with worldwide outreach. Next, we insist on speaking with the actual hiring manager to accurately determine their specific needs. We also insist on vetting candidates with face-to-face interviews.

Q. What role does innovation play in the services offered by Covenant Technologies?

Authentic innovation is not what you might expect. Today, genuine innovation involves forging in-person connections. Few recruiters are doing it. Moreover, Covenant continually works to master new technology so our clients don’t have to. New tools for locating and vetting candidates are arriving weekly. Each tool takes time to master, time our clients can’t afford, so we do it for them. This level of dedication and service sets us apart from everyone else.

Q. In a field like cybersecurity and IT that is constantly changing, how does Covenant Technologies innovate to keep itself ahead of the pack?

We’re expanding our operations globally to assist our clients in effectively reducing their overall operational expenses. Additionally, Covenant has established a specialized certification framework for recruiters, known as ISRF, to ensure we are always delivering the highest quality service. Our Covenant recruiters are ISRF certified, and we provide this training to our clients as well.

Q. Would you like us to highlight something important happening in your company that we may have missed asking about?

Covenant Technologies proudly holds a distinguished position as an official member of the Forbes Human Resources Council. Moreover, our recognition as a Top 10 Executive Recruitment Service Provider for 2023 by HR Tech Outlook magazine underscores our commitment to excellence. A significant source of pride is our exceptional Net Promoter Score (NPS) score of 90, a notable contrast to the industry's average of 30 within the staffing and recruiting sector. The NPS serves as a pivotal measure of client contentment, evaluating factors such as candidate quality, recruitment procedures, communication, and overall service quality.

Q. What are Covenant Technologies’ plans for the future?

Our goal is to achieve global expansion while simultaneously upholding our remarkably elevated NPS (Net Promoter Score) rating

A brief biography of the CEO

Casey Marquette, the CEO, began his professional career in physical security and then transitioned into cyber security. Now, with decades of valuable expertise, he retains a profound appreciation for personal interactions. He is known for his leadership in solving security challenges, ability to create expert security strategies, and aptitude for mobilizing teams to lead organizational and operational change. He also leverages that timeless strategy ─ of talking face-to-face ─ to forge the most impactful connections in the day-to-day operation of Covenant Technologies.

“Our mission is to provide premier expertise in the information security and IT industry while helping your hiring managers build the amazing teams you need to succeed.”

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